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Former U.S. Army Medic Staff Sergeant committed husband, and father of two children, John Ramsay has always known he was destined to care for people and use his abilities for good while also being a strong leader. The time he served in the military gave him the courage and tenacity to run a well-organized, streamlined, and passionate team of Infinite CBD employees today without losing sight of the mission to help people improve their quality of life. John’s prior work as the former owner/CEO of the digital marketing agency Center Mass Media, exposed him to new technologies and made him aware of the fact that cannabinoids would be isolated at some point in the near future. John’s previous work in the cannabis industry helped him immensely when deciding to forge his own path. John’s vast marketing knowledge guided Infinite CBD to capitalize before the extreme rise of most other CBD companies took place. Infinite CBD was founded in 2016. After understanding the power this cannabinoid has, the Infinite CBD team began working to bring it to customers around the country. Utilizing CBD and balancing your endocannabinoid system has never been as accessible and affordable. Infinite CBD prides itself on being a customer and education-focused business. John and fellow co-founder, Stephen Ryan, wanted to assure the website was insightful and educational beyond the scope of most CBD companies. Infinite CBD desires to speak to the novice buyer and educate them on the purpose of the product to create a smart, informed customer from their first visit.