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Going to Market: Med-X, Inc.

A series examining the emerging leadership within the Cannabis Sector


Med-X, Inc. | Part 1 of 3

There’s a lot going on at Med-X, Inc., The Marijuana Times’ parent company. Med-X, Inc. continues to create game-changing products and add high quality careers for talented professionals in the process. I recently had a chance to talk with co-founder of Med-X, Inc. and the developer of the product Nature-Cide product line, Matthew Mills. If you’re an aspiring cannabis entrepreneur, or you’re interested in learning about all organic pest control, you won’t want to miss this enlightening interview and ones to come.

Jason Sander:

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me today. Please give us a brief activity update on Med-X, Inc. and it’s companies?


“No problem. I am happy to talk with you. We’ve got a lot going on here, so I’ll just give a brief overview to get us started. First, we’ve just submitted a patent application for insecticidal soil that my colleague and CEO, Dr. Toomey and I developed. We are also cultivating a multitude of exclusive strains that we are really proud of. One in particular is called Harlequin. This strain has a five-to-two CBD to THC ratio, which many medical patients are interested in using for the healing properties without the intoxicating effects from THC. Now we can start refining the strain, cloning off of it and continuing to refine the THC levels even lower.

So, we are really focused on the CBD aspect of cannabis, which couples with our cultivating division and bringing those two together. We’ve already proved that we can grow completely organically without pesticides. Like I said, now we are extracting and doing the things necessary to really refine some of the cannabis strains for things like pain management, for seizure patients, and so on. To do a clean cultivation, we need products. And that’s where Nature-Cide products come in.”

That is a great transition to my next question. Tell us more about the Nature-Cide product and how the Med-X, Inc. Company as a whole is moving along?


“Nature-Cide was basically developed for the hospitality and the pest-control industry. And then we realized how well it would work with cannabis cultivations. So we took the necessary steps to register the product with the EPA, we brought in third-party laboratories to prove the efficacy of the product, you know, proving that the product actually works. Because of this success, Nature-Cide was recently named by the Colorado Agricultural Department as an insecticide product that is approved for use in cannabis cultivation in the State of Colorado.

This propelled us into developing more products, launching our digital Marijuana Times magazine, and now filing a registration statement for Regulation-A stock offering.

We are proud to call ourselves the very first medical cultivation products and research company in the cannabis space to actually get the clearance from the SEC for move forward with our plan.

So we are the very first ones in our sector to do this, which is very unique and things are moving along. We have investors that have made it very easy for us to build our laboratory on a piece of property that I own, so there’s very low overhead involved with our operations.

Keeping this thing moving for years to come will be simple, because none of us, management or the board of directors are pulling any money from the company. It gives us the ability to build the company up, get the assets moving, get cultivation going, and so on. We are always continuing to cultivate and grow the company equity, stacking capital in the bank and building our assets. This of course is making us valuable to investors as we plan go out as a publically traded company. Analysts are already recognizing that we have very little overhead, the investment money is coming in, and this thing is bound to grow.”

Speaking of investors… The cannabis industry is now worth a few billion dollars and counting. A lot of investors are seeing how hot marijuana startups are right now and are ready to invest, but are skeptical. Let’s say you have an investor still on the fence, still seeing that stigma attached to producing and distributing the medicine. What would you say to convince them otherwise?


“Great question, Jason. Until the federal government changes marijuana to a schedule 2 drug our focus is on research & development and ancillary products for the rest of the industry. We like to say we are in the picks and shovels business using the gold rush as a metaphor. During those days some of the richest people in the gold business never touched an ounce of gold. Our experience tells us to focus on things we can control like our business plan, education and team building. The rest will fall into place when the timing is right. 

We are a group of highly skilled, diverse professionals that have 20 and 30-year track records at running businesses. This particular business we are currently running just happens to be in the cannabis industry. My individual background as a product developer is extensive and I was the Chief Operating Officer for a dot com. I do product development and I raise capital. Raising capital is really my core competency. I’ve raised a lot of capital for a lot of different companies that have flourished – one in particular in the dot com sector did very well for investors. I’m an operations guy who has a lot of business experience: setting up businesses, growing them, scaling, expanding, etc. I’ve since spent the last three years educating myself in cannabis cultivation. I’m actually an agricultural specialist in the State of California for pest management, and I have an integrated pest management focus. I never call myself an expert in anything, because you always learn something new, but I have a dramatic amount of experience in cultivation and in integrated pest management. Integrated pest management is finding all the roads to do things naturally, using the poisons and other things that are out there as an absolute last resort. This is what the State of California is kind of focusing as a whole.

So you take my experience, couple that with a guy like Dr. Toomey who has 23 years of experience as a physician dealing with all types of pain management, hospice, and the like. That alone has been enough to convince most investors that are interested in this space. But then after that, you start looking at this team that I have assembled, and it’s pretty incredible. Our CFO has 30 years of experience in the financial world running publically traded companies as a financial guy in Silicon Valley. Then you look at our digital media guy, Nick and his background, where he comes from, all of his digital media experience. And then you start looking at our experienced and driven board of directors who are also rock stars in their own right.

Once you look at all of that, one quickly comes to the conclusion that we’re a group of professionals that have come together, educated ourselves and are continuing to work hard to be a recognized as a leader in the business.

We have assembled a team incredibly successful business people, and we’ve all educated in the field of marijuana. Our goal is to be successful and make a difference in this industry. So unlike the other industry players, we have more experience in business than any other company out there, and the education we have in the sector really can’t be matched. Then you start looking at our digital magazine, or check out the applications we’ve filed for our insecticidal soil not to mention the jobs we’ve done in the medical field. It’s basically a wrap at that point. That’s the closing argument and has convinced a solid amount of investors already. As soon as they recognize who Med-X, Inc. is as a whole, they jump on board immediately because of current successes as well as our long, proven track record of making investors a lot of money in the other field. The CEO we have, the CFO we have, the researchers we have next to us, the board of directors, everyone involved in this whole company, it’s an incredible group of people and I am really proud to be a part of it.”

This is exactly why I am very excited and honored to be a part of the magazine, because that’s how I look at the industry even just from a writer’s perspective and having knowledge of the business, the entrepreneur side. Like you said, we don’t want to be another High Times. Nothing but respect to High Times, nothing against them at all, but The Marijuana Times is more focused on the medical side, the science behind cannabis and the industry.


“That’s 100% right, Jason. The magazine is just another example of how we are standing on our own. It just so happens that we, as a management team, have put together a cannabis company that focuses on ancillary products, information, research and development, and on cultivation. We are not to supply right now, but to really get ourselves in a medical position where we can turn real results from research. When cannabis goes from schedule one to schedule two, we are positioned in such a great manner that it’ll be time for investors like us to start buying up cultivation centers that are run the wrong way. And we will all know exactly why they are being run the wrong way, because of our experience. We will be able to open a cultivation center and start supplying with ease because we’ve got experience over the last three years of getting ourselves ready for that. So when cultivation opens up for supply, we are going to be the ones the people want to invest in because we have the experience.”

In Part 2 we will get into more specifics of what kinds of products Med-X, Inc. has been working on as well as why Integrated Pest Management is the future of Cultivation.