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Three of the Best Weed Strains to Enjoy on Vacation


The term “vacation” can mean so many different things depending on who you ask. Merriam-Webster defines vacation as “a period spent away from home or business in travel and recreation”. No matter what your specific vacation plans may be, cannabis is a great accompaniment to enjoy your break and help you unwind. Whether your vacation this year is a trip to the beach or just a week unplugged, three cannabis strains that can help you make the most of the respite from the daily grind are Juicy Fruit, Strawberry Cookies, and Sorbetto. These three strains can make your vacation all the more recreational and indulgent. 

Juicy Fruit

Juicy Fruit is the original name for the sativa-dominant hybrid from Sensi Seeds that is better known as “Fruity Juice” or “Juicy Fruit OG”. It was created through a cross between Thai and Afghani. Juicy Fruit is a mellow and balanced strain with a THC content of around 18%, making it user-friendly for new consumers and experienced marijuana aficionados alike. The fragrance is sweet and tangy, with notes of citrus, fruit punch, berries, and plum. The taste is smooth and tropical. Juicy Fruit gives users a cerebral high with a boost of energy and buzzy euphoria, but it also reportedly can cause headaches and a little bit of paranoia. The focus and happiness from Juicy Fruit make it a great choice for sunny afternoons on a staycation. 

Strawberry Cookies

Strawberry Cookies is a beloved sativa-dominant hybrid strain that was made by crossing Animal Cookies and Strawberry Fields. The THC levels in most varieties of Strawberry Cookies are between 19-26%, and most users report feeling energized and alert. Many also report feeling an uplifted sense of calm and contentment. Strawberry Cookies is often the go-to choice for medical cannabis patients looking to relieve pain, and other users report improvement in their sense of arousal and intimacy. It tastes and smells exactly like sweet and tangy strawberries with hints of vanilla and cookie flavor. Because of the sativa dominance, Strawberry Cookies is perfect for early evening and social occasions while on vacation. 


Sorbetto is an indica-dominant hybrid strain from Aficionado Seeds. They first created Sorbetto by crossing Magnum Opus, Sunset Sherbert, and Zkittlez. It has average THC levels that are typically around 19-20%. The aroma is described by many as being earthy, fresh, and reminiscent of fresh flowers and citrus. The flavor is a blend of sweet honey and lemon with a bit of floral and undertones of diesel. The effects of Sorbetto are said to leave users feeling slightly sedated and sleepy, making it a great choice to unwind after an activity-filled vacation day.