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Three Cannabis Strains That Are a Tropical Treat and Perfect for Warmer Months


Warmer days often make us think of all things tropical, especially delicious flavors. Certain cannabis terpene profiles can give some cultivars a tropical aroma and taste, a great accompaniment to days spent by the pool or beach or relaxing in the sun with family and friends. Typically strains that contain myrcene, ocimene, and caryophyllene are more fruity, floral, and tropical. A few strains that will give you a true tropical vibe are Mango Haze, Mango Tango, and Blue Hawaiian. 

Mango Haze

Mango Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid popular for its flavorful taste and potent effects. The THC content is typically around 18-20%, making it a good choice for an afternoon spent relaxing outside with friends or family enjoying the warm, sunny weather. It was created by crossing Haze, Skunk, and Nothern Lights #5. The effects of Mango Haze come on slowly, so it is best to be cautious with this strain. Users report a primarily heady and cerebral high that leaves them feeling creative, talkative, and energetic. Many medical cannabis patients turn to Mango Haze to treat symptoms of depression. The aroma and taste of Mango Haze are very suited to the name, with mango being dominant and undertones of hash and skunk. 

Mango Tango

Mango Tango is a sophisticated indica-dominant hybrid that packs a fruity punch with THC levels around 21-25%. This cultivar was made via a three-way cross between True OG, Tangie, and Peaches. Mango Tango is a popular favorite among cannabis consumers and placed first in the 2015 SoCal Cannabis Cup. The complex flavor and aroma are predominantly sweet, tangy citrus, tropical mango, and peach, with hints of earthy pine. The effects of Mango Tango are felt quickly and hit hard, so this is a strain for more experienced consumers—those who have tried it report feeling happy, giggly, and talkative. Medical marijuana patients suffering from anxiety find that Mango Tango can help relieve symptoms. This strain is perfect for a relaxing evening enjoying the warm weather while unwinding or a social gathering.  

Blue Hawaiian

Blue Hawaiian is a fruity and smooth hybrid created by crossing Blueberry and a Hawaiian sativa strain. It has THC levels that are typically around 19-21%, making it a robust cultivar for users with varying degrees of cannabis experience. The balance between the indica and sativa effects makes it an exceptional choice for daytime use. Many users report feeling very creative and uplifted, as well as focused. Some medical patients suffering from ADHD use Blue Hawaiian as their strain of choice for symptom relief. The flavor and fragrance are a fruit-based blend of lemon, pineapple, and blueberry with a bit of musk in the undertones to round out the taste.