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What are Some of the Best Cannabis Strains for Sparking Creativity?

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For many years, individuals of various civilizations, races, creeds, and religions have turned to the cannabis plant to ignite creativity. Many artists and musicians have turned to cannabis for inspiration. Researchers continue to investigate and study this effect and have discovered a few possible reasons why cannabis may spark so much creativity in its users. Some believe that strains with specific terpenes, such as pinene, boost mood and energy levels which can therefore open users to be more creative. Other studies have found that cannabis increases cerebral blood flow to key areas of the brain responsible for creative and non-linear thought processes. While there is more research that needs to be done on this topic, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that marijuana does indeed boost creativity. Here are three strains that may help ignite more creative thinking. 


AK-49 is a balanced yet potent sativa from Vision Seeds. It is a phenotype of AK-47 that was specifically created to be stronger and more stimulating than the original. THC levels in AK-49 are typically around 20% with very little CBD content. While it is considered a great stain for any user looking to boost their creativity, AK-49 can be a little hard-hitting so newbie cannabis users should be cautious. The flavor and aroma are earthy and a bit woodsy, with some users reporting a hint of spice. AK-49 is considered a relatively rare strain, but those who have tried it report feeling a relaxed sense of euphoria combined with a burst of creative energy. 

Quad Dawg

Quad Dawg is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is best for more experienced cannabis users. Quad Dawg is from PhenoType Farmers and was created through a cross between Chem 4 and White Dawg Fire OG. The THC content is quite high, typically between 22-30%. The taste and aroma of Quad Dawg is a unique juxtaposition between sweet and sour citrus and diesel with hints of pepper and cinnamon. The high can leave users feeling very relaxed in the body while causing the mind to experience calm and uplifting creative energy. 

Cookies Haze

Cookies Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid from Kannabia Seed Company. It was made by crossing Afghan and Super Silver Haze. The THC content in Cookies Haze is around 19-25%, making it a good strain for experienced and newbie marijuana consumers alike. While the name might imply a taste and smell reminiscent of baked goods, users report a flavor that is more like that of gummy bears or fruit-flavored candy with an aroma to match. The effects of Cookies Haze leave users feeling inventive and clear-headed.