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What Are Some of the Best Marijuana Strains for a Euphoric High?

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Merriam-Webster defines “euphoria” as “a feeling of well-being or elation”. For years, recreational cannabis consumers and medical marijuana patients have utilized the plant for its help in producing this feeling. Some use it as an occasional way to unwind and relax after a stressful day. For those who suffer from depression or other mental illnesses, euphoric cannabis strains can be a lifeline to help them feel better. Those who have studied cannabis and its effects found that THC triggers an increase in dopamine, which makes users feel happier and uplifted. While many cannabis strains produce feelings of euphoria, three that are popular among consumers are Euphoria Cookies, Golden Tangie, and Blanco.

Euphoria Cookies 

Euphoria Cookies is a balanced hybrid marijuana strain that is the result of a cross between Euphoria and Girl Scout Cookies. Aptly named, users report feelings of relaxation and calm in the body with uplifted mood and energy. Medical patients often turn to Euphoria Cookies for relief from depression symptoms and chronic fatigue as well as minor aches and pains. It can also increase appetite for some. The taste and smell are a mix of sweet citrus and creamy butter. The THC levels typically range from 17-22%, making it a great choice for new and experienced consumers alike.

Golden Tangie

Golden Tangie is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain from Calyx Garden. It was created by crossing Golden Goat and Tangie and has THC levels that range between 16-22%, with some reports putting the highest THC levels in some variations at 27%. Users who have tried Golden Tangie report feeling focused energy with a boost in mood. The dominant terpene is terpinolene, which results in a taste and smell that is fruity. The flavor and taste are both a mix of orange and peach with undertones of herbal tea. 


Blanco, sometimes called “Blanco Cookies”, is a very potent strain from the breeders at Lemonnade. It was created through a cross between Sirius Chem D and Wedding Cake. Blanco is reportedly potent, with THC levels between 25-30%. The effects of Blanco are hard-hitting and make consumers feel talkative, creative, and euphoric. The aroma is a mix of sweet grass and earth. The flavor is a combination of citrusy sweet lemon, butter, and earthy tree fruit.