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3 Surgeons General Who Approve of Medical Marijuana


The surgeon general is someone who we look to as being one of the most knowledgeable doctors in the country. This is who we are trusting to determine what is and is not safe for the public health as a whole – they release warnings on tobacco and alcohol products nationwide to let us know the dangers they pose.

So if someone as intelligent and scientifically knowledgeable as the surgeon general of the United States came forward to tell you that medical marijuana was the real deal, wouldn’t you listen?

While it is still an extremely controversial subject, especially at a federal level, at least three of our surgeon generals have come forward testifying to the fact that marijuana does have therapeutic properties and is a beneficial treatment in the medical world.

Joycelyn Elders

Not only was Elders the nation’s first African-American surgeon general, but she was also the first to stand up in the face of the federal government to lay claim to marijuana having legitimate medical uses. That was in 1993, three years before California voted to legalize medical marijuana. She was unfortunately let go in 1994 because of disclosing her opinion on the subject.

Since then she has endorsed California’s proposition 19 as well as recently giving a keynote speech at the International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco.

Kenneth Moritsugu

While I couldn’t find anything noteworthy about the time that Moritsugu was acting surgeon general, it is clear now where he stands on medical marijuana as he was among the applicants in Hawaii for a medical marijuana license.

Vivek Murthy

Now on to our most recent surgeon general, Vivek Murthy, who most recently made comments leaning towards marijuana reform. In an interview with “CBS This Morning” he said, “We have some preliminary data that for certain medical conditions and symptoms, that marijuana can be helpful.” While he did not actually endorse marijuana at any rate, he did say he is excited to see where all the new data takes us as well as the fact that marijuana policy should be driven by science.

So What Does This Mean for the Future of Medical Marijuana?

Once some of the nation’s (and the world’s) top scientists start to come forward in agreement with reform like this, there won’t be an ability to deny it much longer. The constant answer from the federal government is that there just isn’t enough research – but there is enough research for these brilliant minds to agree it has medicinal benefits. The truth is coming to light more and more each year, with each state that demands marijuana reform and with each life saved. It’s a long road – but we’re finally working through all the detours and roadblocks prohibition puts up – it’s only a matter of time.