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#4ward20 Encourages Cannabis Enthusiasts To Celebrate 4/20 Safely With Kindness, Compassion and Gratitude

Wana Brands plans weeks-long series of activities to commemorate the challenges of the past year while casting a joyful eye on the future


One year ago, the world was going into a global lockdown, adjusting to coronavirus quarantines, toilet paper shortages and n95 masks when 4/20 celebrations planned months in advance were abruptly canceled or severely curtailed. One year later, buoyed by the ongoing rollout of vaccines across the United States, Wana Brands wants the world to know that 4/20 celebrations are back — albeit with public health and safety in mind. 

North America’s No. 1 edibles manufacturer is planning a series of activities that incorporate fun, pandemic-safe celebrations as well as opportunities to support the social justice causes brought to the forefront during last summer’s consciousness-raising demonstrations. #4ward20 reflects on the challenges of the past year while embracing the optimism on the horizon. In addition to consumer activities, #4ward20 will honor dispensaries by sharing special gifts with the essential workers who have kept the industry going throughout the pandemic. 

“#4ward20 is not just about what happens on April 20. It is a celebration of resilience and the relationships that have carried us through the past year and a reminder that hope and kindness will help us reach the finish line of this pandemic,” said Nancy Whiteman, CEO of Wana Brands. “Of course, #4ward20 is also a pretty good reason to enjoy some of your favorite cannabis products too.”

Leading up to April 20, Wana Brands will release a daily #4ward20 Challenge, providing ideas on ways individuals can celebrate each and every day. Ideas will range from the silly (“get dressed up, even if it is just to feel good at home”) to the socially minded (“go on a distanced walk with a friend”) to the philanthropic (“donate money or time to a social equity organization”). Consumers will be encouraged to share their activities by posting photos and videos to social media sites with the hashtag #4ward20 and tagging Wana Brands for a chance to win limited-edition #4ward20 swag. As part of the celebration, Wana Brands is launching a #4ward20 website offering specific ways consumers can join in the fun, including:

  • #4ward20 Pledge: Submit post-pandemic goals or “pledges” for the future. Goals can be big or small, funny or serious. Some examples include “I pledge to burn my sweatpants,” or “I’ll get to know my neighbors better once it is safe to do so.”
  • #4ward20 Social Justice: Consumers can support the social justice causes Wana Brands has embraced that impact the cannabis community, including the Last Prisoner Project and the Oregon Cannabis Equity Act.
  • #4ward20 Celebration ideas: Tips on how to celebrate safely with small at-home gatherings, as well as lung-friendly ideas and recipes that feature products such as Wana Quick Fast-Acting Gummies and Tinctures, which deliver a lighter, shorter “Delta-9” high similar to smoking or vaping.

“Wana’s drive to enhance our world is ongoing, and we hope to make the industry’s favorite holiday a little more special this year through a message of positivity, community and hope,” Whiteman said. “No matter how consumers choose to celebrate, we encourage them to share their 4/20 activities on Instagram and Twitter, by tagging @wanabrands as well as by using #4ward20.”