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5 Busted Myths About Marijuana

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We all know that over the last several decades marijuana has been given a really bad reputation – so we’re here to help set the record straight. It’s time that all the misconceptions and outright lies are stomped out for good.

We wouldn’t be fighting so hard to legalize something harmful after all, would we?

Cannabis is Addictive

This is one of the most common lies about marijuana. The truth is that cannabis is probably the least habit forming recreational habit one can have. Both cigarettes and alcohol have proven time and time again that they have addictive properties. They have cost people their lives and are nearly (if not just as) harmful to individuals as drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

There have been multiple studies done and the verdict is in: marijuana is non-narcotic and is a non-addictive drug regardless of its classification as a Schedule I controlled substance in the U.S.

Pot Smokers are Lazy

This one is just an age-old stereotype that we just cannot seem to shake off. Once upon a time people looked at those who smoked weed as dirty hippie stoners who had no direction in life. They were the ones living in the VW busses, spouting about peace, love and flower power; remember?

The truth is that nowadays the average marijuana smoker is your everyday guy or gal – many in high paying corporate or entrepreneurial positions. You may be surprised to find out that you know a number of people who toke-up either on occasion or on a regular basis – many of whom would be the last person you expected to be lighting up with.

Marijuana Smoke is worse than Cigarette Smoke

This is another long-time running statement surrounding the anti-marijuana campaigns. While it is true that a single joint will produce more tar than a single cigarette of the same size you need to also take into account that marijuana smoking has never caused lung cancer.

There has never been a reported case of lung cancer where the underlying cause was marijuana smoke inhalation. Quite the opposite is actually truth as smoking marijuana has proven to make a positive impact on cancer patients.

Marijuana has No Medical Value

This statement is truly hilarious to many people these days. A plan which at one point was believed to have no medical value is now legally used in 23 states, with more on the way, as a medical treatment method.

Something that would have been laughed at in the 70s is now being used on a daily basis to treat some of the most debilitating conditions. You may be surprised at just how many conditions can really benefit from marijuana use, it’s for more than just cancer patients you know!

Smoking Marijuana is a Gateway to Harder Drugs

This may be the worst misconception and lie of them all. There is no such thing as a gateway drug. No matter how you try to spin it there is no direct correlation to smoking cannabis and then moving on to harder drugs. It truly depends on the individual’s personality, the company the keep and the lifestyle they choose to live.

There is truly too much that could be said on this subject as it is a matter of controversy still today when there have been multiple studies which were able to disprove the gateway theory. There are just too many factors involved for the gateway theory to ever be proven and the reason for that is it never existed in the first place – it was all a slander campaign built to cause fear in hopes of diminishing the use of this so called drug.

This list could truly go on forever. There have been so many untruths told to the public about marijuana over the generations that fact and myth seem to get mixed up all too often – and in some cases people simply need to open their mind to new possibilities.