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6 Important Ways CBD Is Helping Our Pets

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At one time, when you heard people talk about pets and cannabis, it would usually go something like “OH NO, my dog just ate my pot – what do I do?” But in 2019, you’re more likely to hear people talk about giving their pets cannabis to help with their medical issues.

The cannabis of which I speak of is CBD oil derived from the hemp plant. CBD is everywhere now – you can find it in gum, ice cream, soda, and more. And now, we’re giving it to our feline friends, our pups, and even to horses to help with a long list of medical conditions. Here are just six ways CBD is helping our pets stay happy and healthy.

CBD Can Reduce Inflammation

Unlike THC that attaches to CB1 receptors triggering psychoactive effects, CBD merely activates CB2 receptors by giving anandamide – which is a self-produced cannabinoid – a boost. Unlike CB1 receptors that reside heavily in the brain, CB2 receptors are found more in the immune system, where their activation promotes proper regulation.

Inflammation is a natural – and often times, beneficial – process, but when poorly regulated it turns on the body and causes issues out the wazoo.

CBD Provides Anxiety Relief

CBD oil for cat anxiety is one of God’s gifts to man. It can help calm them down when they are in their crate for more pleasant vacation trips – and even for less bloody scratches down your arm after vet visits.

And don’t even get us started on how you can use CBD oil for dogs’ anxiety. You may never have to come home to a destroyed house again. Research is showing that it really doesn’t matter where the source of anxiety is coming from, CBD can help.

In fact, CBD is a natural anti-anxiety mediator of THC. So if you find your current marijuana strain is making you nervous or paranoid, try taking some CBD.

CBD Has An Important Role in Cancer and Cancer Treatment

There are a number of studies out there highlighting the potential for cannabinoids like CBD and THC to become common drugs we use to fight pet cancer. However, there isn’t any reason to wait for that as many are already using CBD to help fight cancer.

One of the most difficult aspects of cancer treatment isn’t the disease, but the side effects from the drugs used for treatment: nausea, inflammation, pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, etc.

Not only does this make the whole process more strenuous, but it can also make the body’s fight against cancer more difficult, which can ultimately slow down recovery. CBD has somewhat similar benefits to medical marijuana, which has long been an incredible help in reducing the side effects of conventional cancer treatments. All without causing a high, that is!

CBD has helped pets going through cancer treatment regain their appetite, sleep better, experience less discomfort, fight back against inflammation, and possibly even protect/repair cells.

CBD Benefits Working Animals

Many of our pets dedicate themselves to giving humans a helping hand and work hard for our benefit. When we talk about CBD for pets, we usually think of our cats or dogs, but CBD oil for horses has taken off recently.

CBD can help our working horses with everything from recovery to performance to keeping them calmer during training and work, which can prevent injuries to both you and the horse. The last thing you want on your hands is an anxious 1000+ pound horse… because it really never goes well.

CBD Targets All Forms of Epilepsy

There are a number of dog breeds susceptible to epilepsy, and if you know anything about medical marijuana, you’re likely aware of the role it has played in reducing seizures.

Cannabis – including CBD – is indebted to how it’s helped people with drug-resistant forms of epilepsy. In fact, a few states first legalized CBD for the treatment of epilepsy and nothing else. That alone tells you how much it can help.

The thing that separates cannabis from conventional antiepileptic drugs on the market is its ability to help reduce seizures in all forms of epilepsy. When it comes to using CBD for epilepsy, this is one place it may be just as potent as marijuana. This is because CBD – not THC – has the most antiepileptic properties of any cannabinoid.  

However, while studies show that CBD is the most potent antiepileptic cannabinoid, it’s about half as effective if it’s isolated and not full spectrum. Scientists believe the legal traces of THC allowed in full spectrum CBD (0.3%) helps – even though there isn’t enough to produce a high.

CBD Promotes Homeostasis for Preventive Health

Whenever you hear about how CBD works in the body, you’ll see the word “homeostasis” somewhere in its vicinity. So what is homeostasis and what does CBD have to do with it?

Homeostasis is any process that cells use to regulate, repair, and optimize both their performance and defense against their host’s environment. Everything from extreme temperatures to germs to stress can wear down our cells.

When this happens, the system they’re involved in – like the immune or nervous system – perform poorly, resulting in diseases. The cannabinoids in cannabis mimic select neurotransmitters (endocannabinoids) that trigger receptors that send signals to help cells undergo homeostasis.

Lots of science, but what this tells us is giving CBD to our pets may help them stay healthier, stronger, and live longer.  

Final Thoughts

Remember, this is just six ways CBD can help improve the health of our pets. It’s fantastic to see the stigma surrounding cannabis go away and have the plant become more involved not only in our lives, but in our pets’ lives, too.

It’s important to only give your pet CBD oil with low (less than 1%) to no THC, as dogs and some other animals are sensitive to THC and they can overdose on large amounts.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for information and educational purposes only and is not intended to reflect the views of the publication.