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Accelerating Your Growth

Sponsored by Accelerated Growth Solutions


Anyone who has ever grown cannabis indoors knows how difficult it can be. If you’re not lucky enough to be able to grow huge plants in a greenhouse or outdoors in a place with great climate for most of the year – like northern California – then you’ve likely dealt with the myriad of issues that arise when you take something meant to be done easily outdoors and bring it inside.

There are many reasons to grow cannabis indoors, climate and security being chief among them. Indoor growing means year-round growing and plants grown inside a secure building are so much easier to keep away from potential thieves.

Fortunately, technological advancements in cultivation are making it easier to grow large amounts of plants indoors in ways that are cost-effective but that do not sacrifice quality. And helping growers build cost-efficient spaces for growing is exactly why companies like Accelerated Growth Solutions exist. According to their website, AGS “provides the best climate control equipment in the cannabis industry.  We not only offer the most efficient systems, but unrivaled precision in environmental control based on temperature, humidity, and vapor pressure differential.”

AGS systems can automate every aspect of the climate plants exist and thrive in. They have water-cooled systems that are up to 50% more efficient than air-cooled systems, as well as pre-fabricated “Central Utility Plants” which are a “a controlled, single source environment” that AGS can provide “in a matter of months rather than the years it may take to engineer and construct a field built system integrated into the building.”

The environment your cannabis is grown in is critically important to the success of your crop. Stability is key, and systems from AGS provide that stability. They provide not only the products, but also the know-how and can guide you step-by-step through the process of growing top quality cannabis in an indoor environment.