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Arizer ArGo – Designed to Stun the Vaping Community

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After having a great year in 2017, Canadian company Arizer shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon as they kickstart 2018 with the release of their newest portable vaporizer – the Arizer ArGo. As the latest creation from Arizer is all set to break the mold of tradition in vaporizers with its design and features, the ArGo also offers the competitive market a level of innovation and creativity that is hard to overlook.

On the front of the vaporizer are 3 control buttons which provide access to the world of vaping, and the OLED display provides information about the precise temperature (in either Fahrenheit or Celsius), as well as the current battery level. As per your own preference, you can even adjust the brightness of the display, which can be switched from low to medium to high, This can be a real blessing when you are attempting to vape unnoticed. The metal or plastic composite body has received a rubberized finish in its lower half which offers a better grip and prevents heat from being transferred. However, it is the pop-up stem protector that happens to be the most unique feature of the Arizer ArGo, and it prevents damage to the glass mouthpiece when it is stored away. Before using the vaporizer, the top down needs to be pushed, which then reveals the mouthpiece and reduces the height of the vaporizer to 83mm. Once the safety lock is released, the ArGo is all set to get fired up and ready for action.

With 1° increments from 50°C to 220°C and 122°F to 428°F, the device offers precise temperature control which allows the user to find just the right setting – perfect for your unique taste and totally suits your ground herbs. Once you load the aroma tube with your preferred herbs and simply tamp it down, it is easy to ensure that nothing gets out of your ArGo. Once it is loaded, the herbs can be vaporized right away as the heating element sitting beneath the mouthpiece starts the heating process rapidly. And the short air path delivers the purest of flavors. The access flap provided at the base for the high capacity removable 18650 Li ion battery enables the user to interchange the battery once the power in one runs out, and hence this ensures a world of convenience by simply carrying a spare battery. If you thought that the list of things you can do with this vaporizer stops here, then you would be disappointed because you can not only change batteries, but also charge and vape at the same time by virtue of the pass-through charging vape. This means that with the ArGo, you never have to wait for your vape to be available when you need it.