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Autumn Brands Introduces the Gold Standard of PURE, Clean-Grown Cannabis

The PURE icon, featured on all brand packaging, distinguishes a product customers can trust for a safe, premium quality cannabis experience

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A clean toke begins with a distinctively pure product, but “pure” means something different to everyone. That’s why the Autumn Brands line carries the PURE icon – featured on all brand packaging – guaranteeing a steadfast commitment to the quality and safety of the pesticide-free plant elements within. Autumn Brands is known for transforming decades of family farming expertise into a modern, artisanal approach to sustainable cannabis cultivation, working to set a new standard for consumer-first, environmentally responsible techniques. The brand offers a simple way for customers to identify products they can trust for a clean, potent cannabis experience filled with all the positive energy of a natural, truly PURE approach.

“You can wash your lettuce but not your weed” has quickly become a famous mantra for Autumn Brands Co-Founder Hans Brand. The saying is a regular reminder that drives their team, under the leadership of Head Grower Johnny Brand, toward an uncompromising approach to clean, safe practices. While other growers may claim a “pesticide-free” process relying on neem and similar oils, Autumn Brands’ “no spray” policy means just that… and customers can look for the PURE stamp of approval as the gold standard in integrative growing techniques ensuring clean, pesticide-free cannabis products they can count on for quality and safety. Said to resemble a person holding up the sun – a nod to the brand’s sungrown cultivation – a third eye that speaks to healing elemental plant power, or a ladybug representing their pesticide-free approach that allows beneficial bugs to thrive, the PURE guarantee marks a product that is:

  • Pesticide-free, grown and nurtured by hand according to integrative, no-spray techniques that allow beneficial creatures like ladybugs to coexist peacefully
  • User-first, always keeping the safety and experience of customers top-of-mind during every step of the process 
  • Responsibly-grown, using hydroponic methods and natural well water on a closed-loop system
  • Eco-friendly, incorporating into the grow process earth elements like sustainably sourced coco that keep the brand’s carbon footprint small

Look for the PURE icon on all Autumn Brands products at select Southern California dispensaries to be sure your product is pure. Browse the complete Autumn Brands selection of premium flower, pre-rolls and Nourishing Muscle + Joint Salve, now at AutumnBrands.com and discover the difference of a clean, pure cannabis experience. Follow @AutumnBrands on Instagram for the latest product releases, including the all-new Nourishing Muscle + Joint Salve featuring 400mg of 100% full-spectrum, estate-grown cannabis and rich mineral magnesium. Autumn Brands: Inhale. Exhale. Smile.