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Being Green in the Marijuana Industry: HiSierra Dispensary Bags


Being a relatively new legal industry, the cannabis industry has a unique opportunity to develop good habits and practices early on – habits and practices that companies in other, older industries are having trouble adapting to. One such example of this is being environmentally friendly, and one of the companies at the forefront in that area in the marijuana marketplace is HiSierra Cannabis Dispensary Exit Bags.

HiSierra makes 100% cannabis industry compliant packaging that is certified earth-friendly and kid-safe, as well as being made from sustainable material. Even more impressive is the fact that the factory where the bags are made runs on 100% clean, renewable wind power energy.

Mike Greenfield, the founder of HiSierra, got tired of the poor bag manufacturing in the cannabis industry and decided to do something about it. “What I saw in the industry was really breaking my heart,” Mike told The Marijuana Times. “There were all of these cheap, Chinese bags littering the streets, there was nothing that was recyclable, reusable or sustainable, and I thought there had to be a better way.”

So Mike sat down with a clean piece of paper and began brainstorming what would be the “perfect cannabis package.” Where Mike started was figuring out a way to make a truly “green” material, which led him to a process whereby sugar cane was used to make plastic. Next, Mike knew that the manufacturing process had to be clean and green as well, which led him to use 100% wind power to run the manufacturing process, meaning HiSierra uses no fossil fuels and emits zero harmful elements into the surrounding environment.

Mike used his 2+ decades of experience in his family’s packaging company and – combined with some help and expertise from his father and brother – HiSierra was born. American made and now with advances in technology, HiSierra bags are made from 100% recyclable material, something Mike said others in the cannabis industry told him they were excited about.

And as Mike told us, he is no stranger to the cannabis plant. “I’m really behind and in support of the cannabis movement,” he said. “I’ve been involved in cannabis my entire life.” His lifetime of experience helps him communicate with others in the industry, whether they be cultivators or dispensary owners. He knows what they face and he brings that expertise and ability to the day-to-day operations of HiSierra.

If you’re looking for completely renewable and environmentally-friendly cannabis packaging, look no further than the great folks at HiSierra and if you are going to be at the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo in Las Vegas this week, stop by and get a free exit bag sample and meet Mike at Booth 953.