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Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

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If you’re one to stay up on the latest and greatest advancements in holistic wellness, you’ve likely heard of CBD. The once misunderstood herb is finally getting the recognition that it deserves. Check out the remarkable benefits of CBD and see for yourself why so many pet parents are choosing CBD over conventional medications.

  1. Pain Management. One of the most studied benefits of CBD oil for dogs is in the way it relieves pain in both people and animals alike. In fact, CBD is so effective at relieving pain that scientists are considering it to be a new class of drug for treating chronic pain. 
  2. Managing Anxiety. CBD is also incredibly effective at managing anxiety. Dogs are highly sensitive animals and can experience anxiety just like you and me. Whether it is separation anxiety, stress associated with traveling, or fear of loud noises such as fireworks,CBD can help. 
  3. Treating Epilepsy. You may have seen the incredible herb making headlines in the last year for its ability to treat individuals who suffer from seizure disorders. Remarkably, CBD can also treat dogs that experience seizures. In fact, studies have found that in cases where the dog was resistant to the conventional anti-seizure medication, CBD was shown to work! 
  4. Anti-Inflammatory. CBD also serves as a potent anti-inflammatory. If you track the vast majority of illnesses back to their origin, you’ll likely find that inflammation is at the root of the problem. CBD can be used to treat current inflammation, as well as be used as a preventative measure. 
  5. Reducing Cancer Development. Recent studies have shown that CBD actually has an anti-tumor effect. Using CBD oil has been shown to not only reduce the spread of cancer cells, but prevent new cancer cells from developing. Furthermore, in cases where chemotherapy is necessary, CBD can help ease the side effects associated with the treatment, such as nausea and appetite loss. 
  6. Heart Health. CBD is also wonderful for overall cardiovascular health. The herb has the ability to reduce harm from damaged blood vessels, as well as protect the surrounding blood vessels and arteries. 

What To Look for in a Quality CBD Oil for Dogs

With the rise in popularity of CBD, there are more and more companies manufacturing the product. In order to ensure you are buying the best product possible, there are a few things pet owners should look for. 

  1. All Natural. Make sure that the product is all natural. If it isn’t, it likely contains pesticides, fungicides and/or solvents. These toxins ultimately defeat the sole purpose of choosing a holistic alternative. 
  2. Hemp Derived. Next, the CBD oil and CBD treats must be derived from the hemp plant. Hemp-derived CBD is completely safe for dogs and won’t give your dog any sort of “high” or euphoric feeling. 
  3. Certificate of Analysis. Finally, when you’re looking to buy CBD oil, ask to see the Certificate of Analysis. The Certificate of Analysis will prove that the product has been lab tested and meets all of the necessary standards and regulations. 

At the end of the day, you want what is best for your beloved four-legged friend. Finding a great CBD product is a wonderful way to ensure that Fido is living their very best life.


About the Author: Chelsea Rivera is the pet wellness blogger behind SimpleWag. In addition to writing for SimpleWag, Chelsea spends her days catching up on emails and getting bossed around by her 5 lb. Maltipoo, Baby Rose, in Los Angeles.

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