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Bob Marley’s Son Predicts Amsterdam-Style Coffee Shops in the United States’ Future


There is little doubt that we’ve seen some significant progress in the legal cannabis industry over the past few years. There are still major challenges and hurdles, but it is encouraging to see the confidence that some legalization activists and advocates have.

One of those advocates is Bob Marley’s son, Rohan Marley. Like the rest of his family, Rohan, 45, is never shy about his love for the herb.

“It’s about awakening ourselves to a plant that has tremendous value, and so many positive things it can do,” Rohan said in a recent interview with the Daily Beast.Rohan owns 50 acres in Blue Mountains of Jamaica and is the founder of Marley Coffee and the House of Marley. The House of Marley brand dedicates itself to producing sustainable and eco-friendly products. They encourage other businesses to adopt the use of greener and more sustainable products.

According to their website, products from House of Marley are made from “mindfully sourced materials,” like bamboo, FSC certified wood, recycled aluminum and plastics, and so on. Rohan believes this love for the environment has its roots in the inspiration he and his family take from his father’s music.

“As entrepreneurs, we’re just continuing what our father started and building on the foundation, which is the music,” said Rohan.

Rohan’s sister, Cedella, has successfully launched Marley Naturals, who sells hemp seed lip balm, lotions and body wash, and nighttime tea in addition to their various strains of exclusive Marley buds.

Rohan released a coffee cookbook called The Marley Coffee Cookbook, proving his expertise in the area of America’s favorite hot beverage to consume in the morning. It’s abundantly clear that the Marley’s are cannabis experts. With that in mind, weed and coffee shops are a natural progression, right?

“Why is Amsterdam so much smarter than everybody else? How did they become the first to have coffee shops?” asked Rohan.

“I see a line of Marley coffee shops. That’s a no-brainer,” he continued. “We’ve gotta do that, and have a place where you can smoke, chill out and buy the products. I’m really looking forward to doing that.”

Rohan obviously isn’t the first entrepreneur to have the idea for bud pubs. But if there’s anyone who can fuel the fire of cannabis legalization, it’s one of Bob Marley’s children. As the layers of the deeply entrenched war on cannabis are slowly but surely pulled back, Marley Coffee Shops could become a reality in within a few years.