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BrewBudz Releases Cannabis-Infused Coffee Pods in Nevada

Flickr @ Scott Dierdorf

Ever since recreational cannabis has been legalized in certain states, there has been a rise in companies selling various gourmet foods and drinks that contain the herb. Up until now though, if you wanted some flower in your coffee, you’d most likely have to make it yourself. The company Brewbudz is changing that, as they have recently released a line of THC-infused coffee pods. There have been several coffee pods containing extract, but Brewbudz is claiming they are unique because they are the first to infuse flower into their coffee pods.

According to the Colorado-centric site Westword, the coffee pod line has been in development for a year now and was recently released in Nevada. The parent company of Brewbudz, Cannabiniers, is negotiating with the Bronner Corporation for the right to make their coffee pods in a production facility in Colorado that already produces edibles. If a deal is made, Brewbudz could be sold in Colorado dispensaries within a few months.

“Most drugs have bioavailability – or how much your body actually receives versus how much you eat,” Kevin Love, strategic accounts director at Cannabiniers, told Westword. “Most edibles are at 5 percent, because of how your body absorbs them, but Brewbudz is closer to 40 or 50 percent.”

Due to Brewbudz being infused with flower instead of concentrates, Love says the effect is much more mellow – less “absolutely stoned” and more “functional and medicating.”

“Weed chocolate bars account for almost 3 percent of the total purchase market in Colorado,” Love says. “And an average American eats two candy bars every eight days. That’s 24 billion servings a year. Annualizing all the coffee Americans drink came out to over 200 billion servings.”

The Brewbudz pods aren’t just for coffee. The company is also selling pods with tea or hot cocoa as well. Customers can choose to enjoy pods containing 10, 25 or 50-milligram servings of THC. Regular and decaf coffee pods are also available, as well as three different varieties of tea: black, green, and chamomile.

The different pod varieties feature their own strains. The caffeinated products come with uplifting sativa, and the non-caffeinated nighttime pods come relaxing indica. The pod shells and outer boxes are 100 percent compostable, which is a big selling point for anyone who cares about the environment. According to The Atlantic, standard K-cups used in Keurig devices are neither recyclable nor biodegradable.

In addition to sales in Nevada, Cannabiniers hopes to eventually sell their Brewbudz pods in Colorado and California as well. Each individual pod will cost about seven dollars. If the Brewbudz pods end up catching on, Cannabiniers has plans to release a line of cannabis-infused coffee drip machines and French presses.