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Budtender Fight Club Trains Cannabis Industry Hopefuls With Tough Love


The newly legal recreational cannabis market is in full effect in Nevada. And with over $27 million in sales in the first month, business is booming in the Silver State. With the new weed-fueled economic stimulus, a shortage of new employees could be looked at as a good problem to have.

That’s exactly where many Nevada cannabis business owners find themselves. Enter Budtender Fight Club – the creation of Las Vegas business consultant Jason Sturtsman. No, students won’t be beating each other up in the basement of a seedy dive bar as the name might imply. But they will be shown how they aren’t special and unique snowflakes, and how they can beat out other candidates and weed industry hopefuls.  

“They’re getting taught by doctors, they’re getting taught by people who are actually working in the industry,” Sturtsman said in an interview with NBC affiliate KSNV Las Vegas. “There are thousands of applications that come in on a regular basis to every single dispensary and cannabis business in the state — the way to differentiate yourself is to get educated.”

In the same way that professional sports scouts show up to college training camps and practices, business owners in the industry tend to pop in to see if they can recruit some new talent for their organizations.

“We are head hunting,” said Robert Casillas, a consultant for Cannacopia dispensary. “We’re here looking for the people in the industry who are hungry for the education because it gives our customers and patients a better experience.”

Sturtsman’s goal is to bring hospitality fundamentals you might find at an upscale hotel to the herb buying process, so customers can enjoy that “high quality experience.” Sturtsman says he hopes to provide a new, more in-depth curriculum for Budtender Fight Club starting in December.

Sturtsman is so confident in the new developing curriculum that believes that a Budtender Fight Club certification could eventually become a requirement for new hires at some Nevada dispensaries and retail locations. In addition to running the Budtender Fight club and his consulting business, Sturtsman is a contributor to Vegas Cannabis Magazine.

The course takes place once a month and lasts for three hours. The cost to attend is a reasonable $20 per person pre-sale, and $40 the day of event. Courses seem to fill up quickly. If you’re interested in Budtender Fight Club, the time is now to buy your ticket to attend.