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Calyx Containers CEO + Co-Founder Simon Knobel Introduces Art of Glass: Artistry Meets Industry

Calyx Containers

Calyx Containers is a cannabis packaging and inventory management company based in Boston, Massachusetts. We are a customer-centric company offering innovative solutions to businesses so they can deliver better consumer experiences. I co-founded Calyx Containers in 2016, introducing our square containers and modular tray systems to the market. These products were intentionally designed to improve processes and increase overall efficiency for dispensaries and distributors. From there, the product line continued to develop with the addition of our concentrate jars and most recently, the Calyx Jar, the first ever square neck glass container designed specifically for cannabis. We continue to focus all our efforts into developing cannabis packaging that optimizes product preservation, sustainability, brandability, and compliance. 

Our team is extremely passionate about the industry we are in. Calyx continues to grow in scale, and we found ourselves becoming conduits of cannabis’ rich culture that existed long before legalization became a (necessary) trend. 

Introducing, Art of Glass, a celebration of heady glass culture and the cannabis consumption experience. The Art of Glass campaign has multiple facets, the main portion being the five episodes that will drop over the course of the upcoming months. These episodes feature some of the top heady glass artists in the space, reflecting on their unique styles and inspirations as well as their personal story with cannabis. Our first episode covered a collab between lamp workers Vela G and Mike Shelbo, both Vista, California natives. Vela G is our Resident Artist here at Calyx, and he brings valuable heady glass expertise and California culture to the Northeast. Shelbo was incredible to work with, and seeing these two veteran artists collaborate gave us a glimpse of their world and how integral glass is to everything cannabis. The end result of that episode was a beautiful goblin recycler that is representative of what Calyx is trying to achieve in having industry meet artistry. 

Another facet of the Art of Glass campaign is the Glass Gallery featuring a Calyx-curated collection of heady glass by various talented artists in the space. With every episode drop, this gallery will house glass sets for sale to to raise funds for cannabis-related nonprofit organizations such as the Last Prisoner Project. 

As we met and worked with the featured artists of Art of Glass, it became apparent that the tight-knit subculture of pipemakers all felt the aftermath of the 2003 Operation Pipe Dreams. This was a United States multi-million dollar investigation that targeted businesses selling cannabis paraphernalia. Art of Glass organically evolved to become a platform for incredible glass pieces to be seen, appreciated, and purchased. Our goal is to show the public that these pieces were and always will be legitimate glass fine art. The Glass Gallery is a daring step outside of what a traditional packaging and inventory management company looks like, but in order to shed light on the real people of cannabis, it is a necessary venture.

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Simon Knobel is the CEO and Co-Founder of Calyx Containers, an up-and-rising, Boston based, sustainable cannabis packaging solution. From designing and perfecting the Calyx container product line, to establishing an e-commerce platform, to building brand ethos, and cultivating a rapidly growing team, Simon has had a major hand in everything Calyx is today. A core value Simon ingrained into Calyx Containers is the tremendous responsibility a cannabis company has to empathize with customers and their unique needs. A customer-centric approach allows Calyx to support the entire value chain, from supply chain to budtenders to end-customer. Simon’s favorite part about Calyx is the amazing people, the team environment, and the incredible passion everyone has for what they do. In Simon’s spare time, he experiments with multiple creative mediums; photography, fashion, and woodworking, and has recently taken a major interest in glass blowing.