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CAMP, Nevada’s First Solventless Cannabis Line, Partners with Local Cultivator, The Real McCoy


CAMP, Nevada’s first solventless cannabis brand, will partner with family-owned and operated cultivation facility, The Real McCoy (TRM), to launch two new cannabis strains. The products are now available at The Source+’s four dispensaries across Nevada.

“When I met the McCoy family over a year ago at their cultivation facility in Carson City, a special energy was palpable, lingering up and down the hallways. This energy was extremely familiar to me because it vibrates through our CAMP production facility in Las Vegas,” said CAMP’s chief operating officer, Aaron Nino. “Our collaboration is something special, born out of passion, hard work and our mutual dedication to the pursuit of creating quality cannabis products for everyday consumers, connoisseurs and our medical patients.”

With a shared mission to redefine quality, the Nevada-based companies will introduce two exclusive CAMP disposables utilizing The Real McCoy strains Larry Cake, a mixture of the Wedding Cake and Larry OG strains; and Hansolo Burger, a combination of GMO Cookies and Larry OG. Both strains will be available for purchase as a hash rosin disposable vape and will join CAMP’s signature line of solventless vapes.

“CAMP & The Real McCoy share similar passion for cannabis. We are honored for this to be our first collaboration,” said the owner of TRM, Carissa McCoy. “We look forward to expanding our quality to these new products.”

TRM is a Nevada-licensed, indoor cannabis cultivation and production facility with 25 years of growing experience and extensive knowledge of the industry. TRM has adapted state-of-the-art growing practices using a unique hydroponic system designed by the company while using its own line of nutrients to ensure clean and pure cannabis. A combination of nutrients, a wide variety of world-class genetics and the utilization of top technologies ensures that TRM produces high-quality therapeutic grade products to help people on a larger scale.

Since its debut in April 2019, CAMP has produced Nevada’s first solventless products. It now boasts a collection of live rosin, flower rosin, hash rosin and ice-water hash rosin. As concentrates become more popular, CAMP rises to the occasion with handpicked, hand-trimmed and terpene-rich products. Known for its unique extraction process, CAMP’s solventless collection are extracted using only ice, water, heat and pressure to create the most natural, best tasting 100% solventless rosin. CAMP’s solventless collection features strains that have been carefully selected and extracted without the use of solvents, creating an authentic flavor and clean experience.