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Can Marijuana be used as an Exercise Aid?


The fact checkers just keep throwing things out there these days and seemed determined to stamp out the lazy, stoner stereotype that until recently was accepted as a fact among many people. It may come as a shock that marijuana might actually be an exceptional aid to those who exercise often – especially since marijuana is often associated with the munchies, couchlock and tiredness.

Recent findings suggest that using marijuana in conjunction to your workouts could actually be beneficial – which is good news for everyone who already enjoys a smoking session before or after their daily workouts!

In California there is an annual event called the 420 Games – an event that is set up to show all the athletes who are regular marijuana users or supporters, helping to break the negative stereotypes. Before the marathon portion of the event, many runners legally consumed medical cannabis prior to starting the event.

Recent findings show that marijuana may be useful in several different ways when it comes to exercise.

Marijuana User’s give a New meaning to “Runner’s High”

As it turns out, when you’re exercising your body actually releases small amounts of THC back into your bloodstream. Yes, you read that right. As most of us know, THC stores itself in fat cells. So as you burn calories and your body turns to the fat cells for more energy, it is also effectively rereleasing enough THC level in your bloodstream to around 15% – this lowers back to normal within a couple of hours at most. This can actually help boost your metabolic rate and improve your fat burning potential.

Cannabis Users are Likely to Burn More Calories Overall

I wrote an article a few weeks or so back about marijuana and its effects on diabetes – in that article I covered how marijuana users are likely to have lower fasting insulin levels and a lower insulin resistance, ultimately leaving cannabis users with a lower average BMI when compared to non-users. This is the reason that THC stored in your fat cells (mentioned above) can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Many Athletes turn to Medications for Post-Workout Relief – Why Not Go Natural?

For many athletes, the recovery process after a big event or a long and intense workout is more than our bodies bargained for. When these people could turn to a prescription pain reliever, muscle relaxer or sleep aid they are risking many unwanted side effects. Marijuana offers a natural solution to all of those problems.

In the case that a person experiences pain during workouts, consuming cannabis prior to a workout may actually help the individual enjoy a more thorough workout with less pain. This is a great benefit for distance runners who need relief to enjoy their favorite exercise.

So while marijuana alone cannot help you lose weight, it may actually be a perfectly effective and safe addition to a healthy lifestyle.