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Can Small Timers Outgrow Big Marijuana?


There’s been an influx of celebrity and big name cannabis products to hit the market lately. And while most economists and cannabis enthusiasts alike are all for vast competition and innovation; emerging legal markets do raise some concerns about potential monopolies, government overreach and corporate cronyism seeping its toxic sludge into the increasing free market of the cannabis industry.

So what can be done to push back against corporate and bureaucratic fat cats that want a disproportionate piece of the legal cannabis pie? How do we prevent the thriving cannabis industry from becoming another big tobacco or big alcohol? According to many thought leaders in the cannabis industry, including popular travel writer and unapologetic cannabis activist Rick Steves — the answer is simple: grow your own.

“If there’s money to be made, it’s going to attract big corporate interests, and they’re going to have the clout.” Steves said in an interview with KUOW public radio.

“I like the idea of having a home grow because it gives people an option to having to buy something from a giant organization. They can just have a few plants on the window sill, and it’s not a big deal,” added Steves.

Washington was the one of the first states to legalize cannabis four years ago in 2012. This change in law was a bit of a culture shock for more conservative voters, voicing concerns of home cultivation impacting criminal behavior and a perceived potential to increase DUIs.

“A lot of people were nervous that there was a whole reservoir of decent people that were just going to ruin their lives smoking pot and our whole community would become one big giant out-of-control hemp fest,” Steves said.

Now that the public at large has had a few years to accept and digest the landscape of legal cannabis, the time is now to make a push for medical patients to grow their own medicine at home. While some dispensary owners might be concerned that this increased homegrown strategy might have a negative impact on their sales, cannabis connoisseurs understand that it’s only likely to help them. Any home brewer can make their own batch of beer, for instance, but most home brewers don’t have access to the technologies, space and capital that successful craft brewers have at their disposal. The same is true for home cannabis growers — they don’t have the connections to expert breeders like dispensaries do. In a truly free and open cannabis marketplace, this should only make the end product that much more affordable and effective.

What are your thoughts about home growers pushing back against “big marijuana”? We want to hear what you think!


  1. Hello!! I think is definitely time that local government take matters into their own hands. People with real diseases need real relief. By continuously looking at cans is through antiquated and draconian lenses simply postpones the inevitable. The Feds are literally throwing millions of dollars out the window with their continuous efforts to win the drug war agains marijuana. Enough!!

  2. While growing your own is a good thing, it certainly is not the answer to govt. over reach and cronyism in cannabis. Don’t like the high prices of tomatoes? Grow your own. Well, anyone who’s grown weed knows it’s not as simple as put a couple of plants on the window sill. It’s the same if you want fresh tomatoes, grow your own. While some do, the vast majority don’t have the skills, space, time or knowledge to do so. So, most go to their local maxi-mart and buy whatever pesticide laden veggies are spread out before them. Why will cannabis for the masses be any different?

    We must fight the potential for oppressive laws now or live forever in a regulatory nightmare. Do not sign any AUMA petitions or vote for any AUMA like regulations.

  3. The only way we!re going to have any impact on the black market is to grow our own.As long as the government is in it for their 30 cents on the dollar. The gangs or cartels can always give the consumer a 30% discount.The government needs to stay out of the weed market.Allow We the People to grow our own medicine.Big Pharma is going to resist this at every level.They have the money to make it so.Shush now, be quit the government is working hard to keep the black market alive and well.This is going to take a concerted effort.Many more brains than our illustrious GOP has.The DEA needs to be prosecuted for putting opium products on the market.The DEA is killing people.Why, because Big Pharma wanted it that way.

  4. Our government does not have the right to tax or regulate.They just take whatever they think they can tax or regulate.Just like they took Yellowstone and the Black Hills from the Indian Nations.Just like they took Texas, California and New Mexico from the Spanish.They are thieves with a gun who can kill you and are indemnified.They are truly the untouchables.

  5. Let the government tax and regulate, let big biz grow, process and distribute and retail, if you want Cannabis normalized then make it like all other legal commodities, where do you buy your food, clothing, autos, gas, etc etc?.
    As long as you can grow for your own use, and not sell it, we all win. If you want to sell it maybe regulating and taxing is good, if you are a mom and pop or a multi-national the consumers deserve clean safe Cannabis.

  6. Don’t buy anything from a big name celebirty. Oprah, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson…. These people are multi-millionaires and BILLIONAIRES already. They don’t need any more money.

    Give small, local business owners a chance to finally earn a living for once. Only buy from small business owners and don’t buy something just because a celebrity has put their name on it.