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Canna Moms Are Good Moms, Too


Hi. I’m Amanda, founder of Canna Mom’s Are Good Mom’s Too. A group that brings Mom’s, those who identify as, and supporters together worldwide to educate them and spread more awareness to the cannabis plant and its medical benefits. Especially for mothers! Mother’s that use the cannabis plant even with prescribed medical marijuana cards are feeling this stigma: Lazy Mom’s, Pot Head, Can’t function high, “because a friend back in the day smoked and they were drug tripping for days”, it kills your brain cells, the list continues. 

I’m a 35 year old mother living in the PNW. I suffer from Meniere’s Disease, which has the worst side effects of vertigo and tinnitus. I also have high anxiety and ADHD. There were days my vertigo would leave me bedridden. Being a private daycare owner, only teacher, a wife and Mom, I can’t do that. I took two different prescribed CDC pills that aren’t actually made for either of those symptoms due to it’s a newer disease with little testing and no cure. One pill made me sick and the other a zombie. That doesn’t work either. 

Enter the wonderful world of finding the cannabis plant. I now can consume ONE medicine for my meniere’s, anxiety and ADHD. 

Microdosing throughout the day I can stay level and not high as I could on an over the counter pill. Being able to stay level keeps me as me. Not bed ridden in a silent, completely dark room, always on the lookout for something that I should be doing, who I should be helping, feeling like I should be moving or touching something. I’ve missed moments I could have spent with my son or done a little extra for a daycare kid before cannabis, a little more for my husband. I’m happy now, calm, relaxed, can focus and be productive. I AM ME! I’m not running to the bathroom or so groggy and out of it I don’t remember certain parts. With that said, why can a man made pill or having a glass or five be okay when taken responsibility but a plant that heals more than any side effects or death rate isn’t?

Our group has over 1,300 Mom’s worldwide that are screaming, “Me too!” How can there be this many people? I know there are more, and still so badly named over something that was wrongly accused over almost 100 years ago! Our group’s mission is to further education regarding this plant. To give Mom’s a safe place for support, call to see a friendly face, help and educate, to support and back science where needed for studying, membership groups and more. 

The joy I feel everyday logging in and seeing the love all these people have for one another and everyday uplifting is beyond amazing.  I want this discussion to be able to be as free and open as any medically regulated drug. Let people get the correct medical help they choose.


  1. Hello ‘Canna Mom’s Are Good Mom’s Too’ I make the perfect ‘mom’ brownies! they’re awesome! These are the modern, medicinal “mother’s little helper” LOL (opposed to what that phrase used to mean) My brownies have the proper micro dosing… and what a wonderful group you have started! I too, live in the PNW. Much success!