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Cannabis goes high tech with the industry’s boldest new infrared thermometer, Dab Rite

Dab Rite

Cannabis concentrates are gaining popularity among both rec and medical users for its quick hit and flavor potency. But having the proper set up is key to a positive, safe, and enjoyable experience.  

A group of entrepreneurial dabbers saw a problem, and they solved it. Dab Rite is the first digital infrared thermometer with a 7-inch adjustable neck that bends in all directions. Dab rigs come in all shapes and sizes making it difficult to read the temperature on fixed thermometers. But the Dab Rite sensor arm bends in all directions so users can accurately read the heat of the quartz nail. Built-in emissivity settings ensure a proper reading.

The Dab Rite team recommends heating to a temperature of 500° to 600° for the optimal experience. Once the desired temperature is reached, the device lights up and emits a sound to let the dabber know it’s ready.  The Dab Rite features a variety of built-in emissivity settings that can be adjusted based upon what type of banger is being used and features an automatic shut off so the battery stays charged longer. 

“Dabbing has increased in popularity primarily because it allows users to immediately feel the benefits of cannabis, whether that’s pain relief, alleviating anxiety, or simple relaxation. It’s a legitimate method of consumption and we want to ensure that users have access to safe and convenient tools,” said Bryan Berc, Co-Founder.

Dab Rite retails for $249 but dabbers will really appreciate the device’s convenience features including light and sound alerts, automatic shutoff to save battery life, and the changeable silicone sensor and cap covers.