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CannaScore Named Best New Technology in the Cannabis Industry


The technology that is inspired by the growing cannabis industry is unbelievable – and it will likely pave the way for technologies in other industries as well. One such creation is known as CannaScore – the worlds’ first real-time compliance software.

For anyone who isn’t tech savvy, basically this is a software that is able to keep track of any marijuana industry businesses compliance with state laws as well as look for opportunities for the company to grow and improve efficiency.

This kind of tech is exactly what cannabis industry workers need so that they can spend less time worrying about being audited and more time focusing on the quality of their herbs and the care they provide their customers – and let’s face it, the cannabis industry requires great customer service even if weed does practically sell itself.

This innovative piece of work was actually named Top New Technology in the Cannabis Industry by a well-known online marijuana publication CannaNews.Buzz – and it truly deserves that title! This piece of software is probably the most genius aid to the cannabis industry workers and I would be surprised if it didn’t eventually become a standard for all legal cannabis businesses to have.

While CannaScore is there to keep a company in compliance of state laws, it does so much more than that. The software can flag anything that could be a potential violation or anything that the company could improve on, making it easier than ever for business owners to determine where their business needs the most attention.

All of the information gathered by CannaScore is then turned into a literal score, similar to a credit score, but in this case it is used to determine how well the business is doing. This score can be used in many situations where proof of stability and compliance with laws – it can be presented to landlords, banks, investors, business partners – basically anyone who would need to see the true results of your business.

In the case that your business has made an infraction on any state laws you will be able to pinpoint exactly what it is without any hassle. CannaScore can also tell you what the maximum estimated fine your business could be charged for not complying with state and local laws.

The number of different software’s that have come out in the last year or two alone is simply astounding. There is everything from seed-to-sale tracking systems, cloud based systems and now a system that will audit your business and determine if you are in compliance with your state laws – it really can’t get much easier to run a cannabusiness than it is now.