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Colorado Company to Open Gas & Grass Dispensary-Gas Station Combo

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It seems like at every turn Colorado is one of the firsts for everything that enters the cannabis industry these days! From being one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana to a year later fighting for the ability to smoke in bars and clubs just like anyone drinking alcohol they are doing their best to totally reform the way people view marijuana.

One company, Native Roots, is taking things one step further again with the opening of at least one Gas & Grass locations – the one stop convenience of purchasing your marijuana and gas at the same place.

Now, anyone who has ever dealt with the black market of marijuana has wished it was as easy as buying cigarettes and beer – just walk up to the 711 and buy some ganja! Until now, this type of a scene could only be a dream, but this company is the first to make it a reality.

Technically, this location will actually be two stores – a gas station and convenience store on one side, and a marijuana dispensary with a separate entrance on the other side. The only unfortunate for many Coloradoans is going to be that Native Roots Gas & Grass stops will only be selling to patients with a prescription for medical marijuana.

Patients who choose to shop for their medical marijuana at Gas & Grass locations will be offered a 420 Loyalty discount, which will work in a similar fashion to grocery store gas discounts (think Winn-Dixie Fuel Perks, but with medical marijuana purchases instead!).

This will definitely be attractive to customers, not only for the convenience but for any extra savings that go along with that convenience! It almost seems too good to be true – but it is!

The convenience store side of the store is likely to offer traditional findings of a gas station store. “I believe we’ll have lottery tickets, beverages, cigarettes, and similar things that you would pick up in a convenience store,” Mattson said.

This company is very fast growing around the state – they already own eleven different dispensaries and retail marijuana stores. Along with selling flower and related products they also sell souvenir style merchandise such weed themed shirts and hats.

The first Gas & Grass may start off as a medical marijuana only stop – but it is probably safe to say that in the future, this type of convenience is sure to grab a ton of attention.

It would be insane to keep the retail marijuana market out of this for too long – my thinking is starting a medical marijuana shop first made sense to test the waters with a manageable customer base and to see how the idea pans out in action.