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Colorado THC Edibles Have a New Mandatory “Logo”

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A few months ago we started seeing a huge spot of trouble in Colorado over labeling of marijuana edibles. There were multiple cases of people who unknowingly ate too much of a THC infused item which eventually lead to the decision that all cannabis edibles must be clearly marked –  not only on the label, but on the food item itself as well.

Back in August when this was first discussed, there was talk of having the symbol for THC to be an octagon with the letters THC in the middle. Some activists believed that the octagon shape, resembling a stop sign, would be sending the wrong message to kids.

After a couple of months of mulling things over, it seems they were finally able to agree on what the new “logo” for edible marijuana should be. They decided on a diamond with the letters THC in the middle and an exclamation mark above the letters inside the diamond. This new symbol will be required to be both on the packaging of retail and medicinal marijuana edibles as well as on each product individually.

Not only will all the companies need to find a way to comply with this new rule, but they will likely have to change packaging or discontinue certain items since Colorado law now requires that each edible containing THC must be sold in individual serving sizes (which in CO is 10mg of THC per serving).

There’s a lot of good thinking behind the labeling of THC infused products – however there may need to be further adjustments made to the law to accommodate food items and beverages which cannot conform to these new regulations. For example many beverages contained a much higher THC content and was meant to be drank in 1-3 individual servings – these beverages will likely be discontinued as selling them in tiny 10mg bottles simply wouldn’t be cost effective.

As for other edibles such as candies and pastries and other such items it may end up a similar story. While things like chocolates and cookies can easily be “stamped” with the new THC logo, it is a little more difficult when working with gummies, muffins, pies, and the like. These types of foods would definitely be extremely frustrating – if at all possible – to label individually.

Companies are going to be sinking a lot of money into trying to keep up with these new regulations, such as needing to purchase all new molds or find ways to “spray on” frosting to display the THC warning. Chances are, if the cost of production for certain items becomes too high they will simply stop carrying those items. After all, it’s that or raise the price to a point where the consumer doesn’t want any of it.

So while there are definitely quite a few drawbacks, especially for those who are involved in the production of THC edibles, it is at least nice to see something working on a compromise (mostly) for once. The people who wanted a less objectifying notation that a food item contained cannabis got what they wanted – a more friendly warning that you’re about to consume THC.