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Connecting Women in the Cannabis Industry

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According to polls for many years, men have supported marijuana legalization more than women. In fact, until last year there were few polls that showed a majority of women supporting legalization for adult use. But all of that is changing, and groups like Women Grow are leading the way into a new era.

“Women Grow is a wonderful organization that empowers women in – and entering – the cannabis industry by providing networking, education sessions and overall support and marketing,” Deneb Dollinger, the founder and CEO of Reliable Bud, told The Marijuana Times. “We are a tight group of ladies (and some men) entering the cannabis industry, we support one another and our aim is to continue to grow as leaders in the industry.”

Founded in Denver in 2014, Women Grow hosts events around the country and facilitates connections between those already in the industry and those looking to get started. WG wants to connect, educate, inspire and empower the next generation of cannabis industry leaders, and they know that there is strength in numbers.

Through their national chapter and a series of local chapters, WG connects members through resources and access to events nationwide. An example of one of these events is their annual leadership summit in Denver where “women and men from across the country will come together to share their stories and insights during three intense days of learning and networking in the Mile High City.”

The legal cannabis industry is growing fast and has a lot of uncertainty surrounding it. There are many resources available, but it doesn’t get much better than having access to those who are already succeeding in the industry. And since women are underrepresented in the cannabis market, it’s important for those who are there to be able to connect and provide guidance to those who want to join the ranks of female entrepreneurs making their mark in one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S.