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Copperstate Farms Introduces New Cannabis Brand Jukebox

Jukebox Product Family Copperstate Farms

Copperstate Farms, a vertically integrated Arizona cannabis operator, today announced the launch of new cannabis brand Jukebox. Featuring a selection of cartridge flavors, pre-rolls, and edibles, Jukebox will replace the Copperstate product line and is now available at Sol Flower and select dispensaries throughout Arizona.

The botanically derived 500 mg. Jukebox cartridges use premium cannabis oils paired with high quality grade terpenes. Produced by ethanol extraction and double distilled for up to 93% potency, the cartridges are available in over a dozen flavorful strains including: Super Sour Diesel, Sequoia, Lemon Cake, Blueberry Cookies, Grapefruit Kush and Purple Punch.

Jukebox pre-rolls offer a playlist of options for every groove, including Melody (Hybrid), Beats (Indica), and Remix (Sativa). Harvested from sun grown flower at Copperstate Farms, the pre-rolls are available in single and five pack options. Jukebox edibles include RSO-infused Blondie Bites in low and high dose offerings. Later this year, Jukebox will broaden its product selection to include pre-packed flower.

The Jukebox brand was designed by Grand Cannabis Co., a joint venture from Copperstate Farms and consumer marketing and product development incubator Healthy Lifestyle Brands, LLC. Inspired by both retro and modern creative elements, Jukebox features 1970s iconography and bright, fluorescent palettes.

“We’re very excited to rollout the Jukebox brand that offers an affordable line of products while delivering a premium experience,” stated Grand Cannabis Co. Executive Vice President and General Manager Rolf Sannes.

Developed for a broader, national audience, Jukebox taps into current design trends and a market driven by Gen Z consumers. Cannabis analytics firm Headset reported year-over-year cannabis sales by Gen Z women grew by 151 percent in 2020, followed by Gen Z men at 118 percent.

“Jukebox pays tribute to pop culture with a fresh spin that is as eclectic as the modern cannabis consumer with the potential to expand beyond Arizona,” explained Allie Marconi, Senior Director of Marketing at Copperstate Farms.

Copperstate Farms manages a 40-acre glass greenhouse in Snowflake, Arizona and five Sol Flower dispensary retail locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sun City, and two in Tempe. For more information, visit CopperstateFarms.com.