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Cultivera Passes $1 Billion In Processed Orders


Cultivera, a cannabis-specific business management and track-and-trace software solution, announced earlier this week that the company had passed the milestone of processing $1 billion in total sales orders since their launch in 2017. 

In the last 3 years, Cultivera has become known for crafting the industry’s best solutions for cannabis producers and processors, providing seed-to-sale traceability and business management software for every stage of the industry. Cultivera’s software solutions aid in streamlining day-to-day operations and compliance through easy management and intuitive workflows, including tracking and reporting tools customized to help in every aspect of a licensed cannabis business. Features include automated reports, inventory management, online sales orders, and on-demand tech support.

Cultivera launched their Pro and Market platforms in Washington as a market entry strategy proof-of-concept, where they now represent over 60% of Washington’s wholesale volume on Pro and have over 90% of retailers engaged on Market. Having solidified their strong position in Washington over the past three years, in 2019 they expanded to eight states, including Oklahoma where they serve over 100 cannabis businesses. Cultivera has the ability to serve clients up and down the supply chain, from seed to sale, in any state with a legal recreational or medical market, including every state with Metrc as the tracking system. 

“With our different software solutions, cultivators, processors, distributors and retail partners are able to gain control and insight, seamlessly browse products and place orders, with or without the assistance of a sales representative” said Chief Operating Officer, Chase Towery. “In practice, this has meant cannabis operations can make more sales faster, increasing scalability and leading to the incredible growth we’ve seen in the Cultivera network and Marketplace in the last few years. We would be remiss if we didn’t recognize our incredible clients and team members that brought us to this incredible milestone. We’d like to thank our business partners, clients and staff, and we look forward to continuing to grow together.”

Cultivera is celebrating this milestone along with sustained three digit growth year-over-year  since its founding and the launch of a full redesign of their website, cultivera.com. With consistent expansion over the last year and impending new product launches in the pipeline, this milestone shows incredible promise for the company and its clients’ future.

Learn more at www.cultivera.com, or schedule a demo today.