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DC’s Canna-Tourism: Now You’ll Know Where to Go

Image Courtesy of Chloe Sommers

Washington D.C. is a cannabis-friendly city, if you know where to go. The laws there may be foreign to cannabis consumers from adult-legal states like Colorado and Washington State. This DC canna-tourism guide will give you the do’s and don’ts of the most lit and 420-friendly spots in the nation’s city.

Washington D.C. does have medical marijuana dispensaries but that doesn’t help tourists much. Adult-use is legal thanks to Initiative 71; the catch is – there are no mechanisms or structure in place to buy or sell recreational pot. Washingtonians are permitted to share their bud, and grow some on their own. Public consumption and social use of cannabis is banned, just like many other marijuana legal states. It makes it difficult, but not impossible, to find a safe haven.

As a DC canna-tourist, you’re going to want to check out the following:

Listen Vision studios is directly across the street from Howard University, a legendary HBCU. It’s the largest and oldest recording studio in DC. Local favorites like DC Scroger, Pink Fox, and Phone Homie broadcast from the cozy WLVS studio weekly with a live studio audience.

With the District of Columbia as the backdrop to a burgeoning cannabis industry and culture, The Pink Fox Playhouse puts a spotlight on their incredibly diverse and creative community through food, music, and art. A mix of current events and cannabis culture, Pink Fox is always happy to share their delicious edibles in the metro Washington, D.C. area – in compliance with Initiative 71. Their signature candy, Fox Rock, usually make an appearance for munching audience members. The signature edible from Pink Fox’s kitchen is a delectable peanut butter, chocolate and cannabutter snack mix. Pink Fox was established “on the belief that recreational cannabis consumption should be accessible and attainable for adults in a safe, responsible community environment.” The show goes live from the WLVS studio every Saturday from 7-8pm EST.

The Slab Hour with Phone Homie is truly a celebration of marijuana legalization. Phone Homie takes his listeners and audience members on a dabtastic trip every Saturday evening from WLVS studio. Phone Homie takes you to a another level with music, news, guests, fun, and of course, dabs. Phone Homie is a self-proclaimed connoisseur of the 420/710 subcultures whose goal is to shed positive light on marijuana legalization through his personal heady experiences. You can attend his live studio show on Sunday nights from 9-10pm EST.

Scrogging with the Scroger is a WLSV show that covers the grow culture. As the District of Columbia’s first true grow show, the host invites local cannabis growers on to chat and talk about their grow styles. According to the host, the purpose of his show is to inform the general public about the different growing styles and new technology, as well as to discuss the benefits of growing your own cannabis. The Scrogging With The Scroger Show’s goal is to educate the masses on the cultural, social, and economic impact that growing cannabis brings to D.C. The show airs weekly from 9-10pm EST on Fridays.

Real Talk with Bishop Twan uses the WLSV radio platform to discuss a diverse range of controversial topics ranging from sex and relationships to politics. That includes topics that directly affect citizens of the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia – like marijuana legalization. According to the host, his show aims to serve as a therapeutic voice for the Washington metro area.

Women Grow’s DC chapter is another great resource to network within. In December, they are hosting a celebration of home growing with workshops and a ‘special gift’ from cannabis laboratory testing company Steep Hill. This is a non-consumption event.

If you’re in town for the ‘holidaze’, celebrate the season on December 3rd with Good Greenery Consultants at their Holiday Mixer. With lots of infused gifts and an assortment of sweets and treats for all guests, this promises to be a great 420-friendly event.

For the creative minded, there’s the Puff, Pass & Paint series in DC. Join other cannabis and art enthusiasts for the Puff, Pass & Paint class. The highly popular event is also in Denver, Portland and Seattle. It’s a 2-hour social art class with all of the art supplies included. Tickets are available on Eventbrite, must be 21 or over to register. BONUS: A complimentary glass of wine is included! The event organizers ask attendees to note that this event is BYOC (bring your own cannabis) in order to comply with local laws that prohibit the provision of cannabis under Initiative 71.

The food-centric holidays are approaching, so what better way to curb the fat than a cannabis cardio session? Whether you’re jump starting your New Year’s resolution or just trying out a new way to exercise, the woman behind the Grow With Lisa cannabis lifestyle is bringing DC its first cannabis cardio session. As a certified BollyX dance fitness instructor, Grow With Lisa invites you to come experience DC’s first cannabis cardio session at the end of November and into December.

Who doesn’t like to laugh? The DC Improv is sure to have something for everyone as the premier place  to grab a drink and a chuckle. Smoking isn’t allowed inside, however, artists such as Doug Benson have been known to join audience members on the street for a hit or discreet dab.

For more information on cannabis events in the Washington Metro area, marijuanas.org is a great place to see what’s going on. They aggregate all the best and up-and-coming green events. The website also has a comprehensive list of head shops, in case you forgot your favorite rig or glass piece at home.