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Everything You Need to Know About Using CBD for Dogs

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everything you need to know about using CBD for dogs

There are many benefits to using CBD on a regular basis. It can be helpful for pain, anxiety, sleep, and even acne. But, what about using CBD for dogs? Is it safe? What are the benefits? In this blog, we’ll go over everything you need to know about using CBD for dogs. Let’s dive in!

Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

According to CNET, there is no evidence suggesting that CBD is unsafe for dogs. But, to ensure that your dog is consuming high quality products, do your research on products and check that all of the ingredients are safe for pets. It is suggested that pet-owners only purchase a product with a Certificate of Analysis (COA). Here are a few normal side effects to be aware of:

  • Dry Mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Slightly Lower Blood Pressure 

It is important to acknowledge that the FDA has not approved CBD for humans or pets. And, according to the ASPCA, it is recommended that you consult your veterinarian about using CBD for your dog, do your research, and always administer a safe dosage (a little bit goes a long way).

Why Use CBD for Dogs?

Just as there are many benefits to using CBD for humans, there are also some great benefits to using CBD for dogs. It has been shown to help reduce pain, symptoms of anxiety, inflammation, and seizures. CBD can also be a great alternative to prescription medications, just make sure you consult your veterinarian first! Overall, it’s a great option for dog-owners who want to decrease their pet’s symptoms and help them live a better life.

How to Use CBD for Dogs

There are multiple different ways CBD can be used for dogs. Although it is most commonly sold as an oil that you can put into their food as needed, CBD can also be sold in the form of tasty chews or treats! There are also topical creams that can be used for dogs with skin conditions.

These are a few great CBD products for dogs:

  1. iCBD 300mg Oil for Dogs and Cats. This CBD product is an oil that can be given to pets either directly or in their food. And it’s salmon flavored! Check it out here.
  2. Joy Organics CBD Dog Treats. These are organic, beef-flavored dog chews. Check them out here.
  3. ElleVet Hemp CBD + CBDA Soft Gels. These are gels that are great for dogs with food sensitivities. They are flavorless and can be given to dogs hidden inside of a treat! Check them out here.

Final Thoughts

CBD can be a great option for dog-owners who want their pets to live a less painful and more relaxed life. There are countless success stories from owners whose pets have experienced great results! If you are considering testing out CBD for your dog(s), consult your veterinarian to discuss recommended products and dosage. 

Disclaimer: This article is intended for information and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to reflect the specific views of the publication.