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Feral Girl Summer? Sorry, We Only Know Pot Girl Summer

Flora and Bast-Pot Girl Summer Round-up

Everyone has heard of Hot Girl Summer, but now Feral Girl Summer is where it’s at. After all, the alcohol and partying can be a bit harsh and kind of draining. Thankfully, Pot Girl Summer gives you the best of both worlds! Feel high on life without the icky side effects of booze, meaning you’re going to stay looking and feeling hot with the pot products I have in store for you. The party until dawn, living your best life, material girl without a care in the world is right here!

So, ditch the alcohol with me for cannabis products that take you even higher…and add a little bit of spice to your yacht livin’ life if you catch my drift. All you need is a little TLC (and THC) before partying until sunrise with that oh so delicious person you met the night before. 


We might be in Pot Girl Summer, but Hot Girl Summer is still here and Lavinia is spicing up both. Lavinia’s oh.hi is a THC/CBD infused silicone-lubricant that increases blood flow to give you the best orgasm of your life! It’s latex condom safe and is glycerin-free, glycol-free, paraben-free, hypoallergenic, unscented & unflavored, and 100% vegan. So go ahead and turn the heat up all the way this summer…if you know what we mean.

Good Stuff Beverages

Pot Girl can have a little Feral Girl in her, but if you want to party until 7 a.m. with no regrets, you’ll have to ditch the hangovers. Say goodbye to your White Claw, because Good Stuff has all the buzz without the booze. Good Stuff’s cannabis beverages can be sipped, shot, or mixed into the perfect beachy mocktails. With flavors like Honey Lemonade, Key Limeade, Strawberry Hibiscus, and Black Cherry Lemonade, your seashore drink options are endless!

Flora + Bast

Everyone plans on soaking up the summer sun for that perfect sun kissed glow, but it can be harsh on your skin! Why not be hot for pot with Flora + Bast, who has all the CBD infused skincare products you need. Try their Barrier Building Hydrosol Primer or Age Adapting Facial Serum to maintain that perfect glow without damaging your skin. Oh, and don’t forget that they also specialize in Sleep, Stress, and Sex products (all infused with CBD) to round out all your summer lovin’ needs!


What’s a Pot Girl Summer without a little flower, yeah? But, I bet you don’t want the deliciously, dank smell of cannabis lingering. So next time you are into your infused self care routine, light a Lavender candle from Cannabolish to get rid of that herby smell! Breathe in the calming and relaxing smell of lavender to wind down your summer evenings and kick the evidence to the curb.

The Brain on Cannabis

Some days are for being high on life, but others are for chill vibes where you blissfully watch the sunset with a book in hand. What better book than The Brain on Cannabis by Dr. Rebecca Seigel, a New York psychiatrist and medical cannabis expert, to perk up your Pot Girl Summer. Get the delicious facts and discover how cannabis affects your body, and how to better manage your cannabis experience to bring about the best benefits for you! You can get the book for your Kindle or in paperback to take The Brain on Cannabis wherever you go!

Honestly, this might be the best way to round out your dream summer. I know what my weekends are going to look like! Be the Hot, Feral Pot girl, meaning you get the best of everything while treating yourself right.