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Finally, a Solution to Eating Too Many Edibles – CannaRelief Saves the Day

PHOTO: CannaSafety/ https://cannasafety.com/product/cannarelief/

Since medical marijuana was first legalized 20 years ago in California to when it was first legalized recreationally in Colorado and Washington in 2012, one of the biggest concerns of the undereducated is the potential “dangers” associated with cannabis. The good news is, it’s physically impossible to smoke enough marijuana to overdose – however you can consume too much and end up in an uncomfortable situation.  

We’ve all seen the news stories – it was someone’s first time toking and they consumed a bit too much – or they chose to ignore the dosage suggestions on edibles and ate a whole package of cookies when one or two cookies would have been enough. Both ways the end result is the same – extreme anxiety and everything that comes along with it.

One company took it upon themselves to find a solution to this problem – helping to reduce ER visits for marijuana induced anxiety, freeing up the medical professionals for more serious matters.

CannaSafety LLC announced this week that their anticipated CannaRelief would see increased production and availability. The company calls CannaRelief the “world’s first cannabis antidote” and it is the first in what will eventually be a full line of cannabis safety products.

CannaRelief is a “shot” of liquid (looks to be about the size of a 5-hour-energy) that contains a blend of herbs, vitamins, amino acids and to top it off 20mg of Pure CO2 Extracted CBD oil from hemp seeds and stalks.

Once you take the dose of CannaRelief it will only take about 10-15 minutes before it starts to effectively bring down your THC buzz to a reasonable level once again. The main reason for this reaction is likely the CBD in the blend, which is an active ingredient in marijuana that counteracts the effects of THC.

Prior to launch the product was in active development and testing phases for more than two years – but now CannaSafety has created the first, over-the-counter remedy to reduce cannabis induced anxiety – and it only costs you about the same as a gram of bud in most states.

That to me sounds like something to have around the house. After all, what if you have edibles for your guests, but someone is inexperienced or got to the party late and didn’t get the memo – they could end up uncomfortably stoned, but at least you would have the antidote on hand.

Currently, the product is available in dispensaries as well as online – but eventually it will be available at regular convenience stores such as Circle K and Walgreens, making it easily available to anyone who needs it (and with the number of 24 hour locations for such convenience stores, it would also be available no matter when it was needed as well).

This is possibly one of the best things to come from the cannabis industry. One bad experience can define someone’s opinion on marijuana for years – being able to quickly avoid an uncomfortable anxiety attack would surely help a lot of the negative stigma that is still hanging around marijuana use.