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Free Social Equity Mentorship Program: Arizona’s Cannabis Trade Association Offers Unique Online Education


Arizona, along with five other states, passed adult-use marijuana usage in November’s election. As legalization continues across the country, it brings with it huge opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs that understand the highly regulated cannabis industry.

MITA, Arizona’s Cannabis Trade Association, is dedicated to helping interested individuals navigate opportunities by offering a complimentary, 16-week Social Equity Applicant Mentorship Program. The program is designed to be a soups to nuts overview of the cannabis industry, and help those interested in applying for one of 26 social equity licenses available in Arizona. While some of the content is geared specifically to Arizona, the program is available to anyone regardless of residency.

The comprehensive course covers all aspects of the cannabis industry, the license application process, and the business details to run a successful enterprise. The weekly classes start January 21 and run through April. They will be archived so participants can watch on their schedule and review modules.

The Social Equity Membership Program is presented by myself along with Dr. Will Humble, former director of Arizona Public Health Association, Paul Paredes of AZ MJ Logic and Jeff Tice a CPA who works in the cannabis industry. Each week will also have a panel of experts in the topic drawn from the top cannabis industry professionals.

Some confirmed speakers include Tahir Johnson with the National Cannabis Industry Association that will discuss exactly what social equity licensing is and Lilach Power, CEO of Giving Tree Dispensary discussing the Arizona cannabis industry. While most of the program speakers are set, there are still a few slots open for speakers interested in lending their experience to the program.

The program is the first of its kind in the country and can be used as a model for other states and industry associations interested in presenting a similar program.

Participants can register for the free course here.