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German Government Reveals Its Plans for Recreational Cannabis Legalization, Colorado Cannabis Sales for February Hit a 4-Year Low, and Hawaii AG Vows to Support Marijuana Legalization


German Government Reveals Its Plans for Recreational Cannabis Legalization

In October 2022, Germany unveiled a tentative proposal to legalize recreational marijuana . However, they have become the latest country to announce legalization aspirations, only significantly alter those plans for a myriad of reasons. The German government’s draft proposal for the national legalization and regulation of marijuana was sent to the European Commission, which is the European Union’s executive branch. The commission needed to approve Germany’s legalization framework to ensure it was compatible with global drug policy and the EU’s regulations. Unfortunately, that approval seems to have hit a hurdle, and the German government has revealed a scaled-down version of its legalization plan. The new proposal would allow nonprofit associations to grow the plant for recreational purposes and give it to members of the association. It would also allow commercial cannabis pilot programs in certain regions on a trial basis to gather information for possible future legalization plans.  

Colorado Cannabis Sales for February Hit a 4-Year Low

In February 2023, medical and adult-use cannabis sales in Colorado totaled $124.8 million. That number represents a decrease of 3.5% from January. According to the Colorado Department of Revenue, it is also the seventh sales decrease in eight months and the lowest number the state has seen in four years. Of the total amount sold for February, $109.4 million was for adult-use sales and $15.4 for medical cannabis. In January, the state saw $113.2 million in recreational transactions and $16.4 million in MMJ sales. These figures highlight the latest concerns for the industry after 2022 saw the price of wholesale cannabis flower decline for the majority of the year in most major markets. 

Hawaii AG Vows to Support Marijuana Legalization 

Hawaii Attorney General Anne Lopez said that her office will no longer oppose cannabis legalization for the state. Lopez said she plans to cooperate with lawmakers and work to advance marijuana reform for Hawaii. The AG was asked about legalization during a committee hearing this week. Historically, the department has maintained a position of flat-out opposition to marijuana legalization bills. However, when asked about this, Lopez said, “We will not flat-out oppose it. With respect to the policy, I do believe that is the legislature’s area to make those decisions.” She went on to say her office would help lead a task force to help develop a regulatory framework for cannabis legalization, should such legislation move forward in the state.