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Give Your Cannabis the Boost it Needs

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Cannabis is a perishable item. Since it is not a product that is consumed quickly – especially if you have a large amount – how you store your cannabis is very important. Whether for sale or personal use, the cannabis you grow (or purchase) needs to last as long as possible.

And a lot can happen to your cannabis when it’s stored, just as a lot can happen as it is being grown. Things like the humidity level are important, as is protecting your stored cannabis from things like bacteria and fungus.

That’s where Integra comes in. An easy and affordable way to regulate the humidity and oxygen levels of your stored cannabis without the need for a bunch of expensive equipment. By simply placing an Integra Boost Humidiccant in a storage container with your cannabis, you can keep it stored at optimum humidity. This can help maintain the medical properties and aroma of your cannabis by keeping the humidity level of your storage container at either 55% or 62%.

Why is this important?

“When the R.H. (Relative Humidity) is below 55%, you don’t have enough moisture,” Integra says on their website. “This will cause your cannabis to dry out and turn brittle, making them unpleasant to smoke. Dryness will also lessen its potency and weight.

“When the R.H. is above 62%, you have too much moisture that can lead to the growth of dangerous bacteria, such as mold, mildew, and fungus.” Since both levels lie in the “ideal range” you can choose whether you want your stored product to be slightly drier or not.

Integra Boost packs even come with a Replacement Indicator Card that will let you know exactly when it is time to change your Boost pack.

And not only can Boost packs be used for storage, they can also be used for the curing process. Again, from the Integra website: “Everyone has their own way of curing, but here’s what we recommend. Firstly, dry it and jar it. Burp it twice a day for the first week, add boost pack, and burp it as needed. Burping is recommended with curing. However, with storing it is not necessary.”

Everyone also has their own way of preserving their stored cannabis, but I bet it doesn’t work as well or as cost-effectively as using Integra Boost.