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Going to Market: Med-X, Inc. | Part 3


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Jason Sander:

“We have a lot of really good content so far. Maybe we can revisit this chat a few months, or a year, down the line – to keep everyone updated on what is going on with the company. Let’s go with three more questions. These are probably the ones aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs are looking for. What are the ideal qualities and qualifications you look for in a partner or employee?”


“We are looking to enhance the industry, and for people that bring us fresh ideas. When a company that has a great idea for a product in the cannabis industry comes to talk with us, we are in a really good place to talk about it. And maybe we can help develop your product and bring it to market. We have a skill set there, and our sister company Pacific Shore Holdings is rolling out products nationally right now. We have a couple of big distributors that are pushing out a couple of our different divisions of products with Pacific Shore Holdings to every pharmacy in the United States as well. Also, we have another company that’s rolling out pesticide products into hospitality for the whole bedbug epidemic. We are a good company for any cannabis business that’s got a new product or a new idea to consult with us, to help them bring their idea to fruition.

On the employee side, we are always looking for people who have really strong ethics, that can take possession of a company or project and call it theirs, and not just work for a company but feel like it’s their company, too.

That’s the type of mentality we hire in an employee. If you have that mentality, we are looking for that guy or girl that has that focus in life, that really wants to make something of their life. We are an opportunity waiting to happen for a number of different people or companies that are thinking the same way we are and because of the staff we have, we can execute and we can move on things very quickly.”


“Where do you see Med-X, and the cannabis industry in general, in the next five to ten years?”


I see Med-X as a multi-billion dollar business by that time. I see us being one of the biggest California cultivators. I see us being one of the biggest producers of CBD oils on the west coast, and I see us being a product development company indefinitely. I see our Nature-Cide product being used in thousands of cultivations across the United States. As things go to schedule two, I see us being a big name in the cannabis industry. I think the cannabis industry in five years – we are going to be talking about not billions, but trillions. I feel that way because there are a lot of derivative products that can be coming from the industry, not just cannabis itself but the ancillary products. When the big boys get into the game, the Phillip Morris’s, the big pharmaceutical companies; when they get into the game and schedule two does happen, who better than us are those big boys going to pay attention to?

With the experience we have, the management team that we have, we’re definitely going to be a long-term player and big player in this industry.

We’ve got a head up on a lot of companies right now just because our assets are growing, and we have no real overhead.”


“Here’s the last one that I have for you. What advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs who are interested in getting into the cannabis industry?”


“The very first thing you need to do is get organized and get a capital structure in place. Without a capital structure in place, you are never going to get anywhere. Capital structure is the number one thing to get going: getting a stock offering in place, allowing you to go after investors with all the disclosures necessary that show all the risk factors, and then building a team of professionals. Nobody wants to invest in a company that is, excuse the expression, a bunch of stoners. Investors want to invest in people that know what they are doing. You must have a good product or service to start with, then you get your capital structure in place, you build some nice capital, and then you bring in professionals. Most of the professionals that you are going to hire in the cannabis field have experience in other areas, because this industry is so new. So, long story short, a solid capital structure and the professionals that you surround yourself with are really what is going to attract investors and supporters to help you grow your business.”


“I really appreciate you taking the time to talk with me today. I have learned a lot, and I hope our readers will as well. Looking forward to connecting with you again in the future.”


I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work!”