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Good Chemistry Rides the Green Wave to Nevada

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Nevada is one of the lucky few states that turned adult use this election day, and experienced ganjapreneurs are flocking to the newly minted rec state to show them how it’s done.

Well-known Colorado cannabis company Good Chemistry announced in November that they are making a play to get some skin in the Nevada game by launching Good Chemistry Nurseries in Nevada.

“Launching Good Chemistry Nurseries in Nevada was a logical next step for us based on public support and proximity to our operations in Colorado,” said Matthew Huron, the company founder and CEO.

Question 2 passes

On November 8th, 55 percent of Nevadans voted ‘yes’ on question 2. They approved the state ballot initiative which legalizes, taxes, and regulates marijuana for adults 21 and older.

It was a win for cannabis supporters and a big blow to old prohibitionists of yesteryear like Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino mogul who poured (and wasted) $3.5 million into the campaign against the marijuana measure.

On the passage of the measure, Huron added, “Legalizing Cannabis for adult use makes it more accessible to those who need it, and brings Cannabis out of the black market and into a regulated and taxable market. Good Chemistry Nurseries has worked very hard to establish ourselves as a well-respected, trusted and compliant organization in each of the communities we serve, and we look forward to continuing that tradition in Nevada.”

Exclusive strains

Good Chemistry has some popular and exclusive strains they will be bringing to Nevada, such as Ingrid and Mr. Good Chem, as well as their renowned Sour Diesel, Gorilla Glue #4, Amnesia Haze, XJ-13, OG’er, Durban Poison, Novacaine, Alien Dawg, LSD, Master Kush and Orange Bubblegum.

Good Chemistry’s founder became involved in the medical marijuana industry when his father and his father’s partner were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. In 1996, when medical marijuana became available in California, Huron saw firsthand the symptomatic relief patients experienced from this alternative medical treatment.

In 2000, Huron began growing medical marijuana for AIDS patients throughout the state, founding and operating a nonprofit medical marijuana co-op that became one of the most respected and well-known facilities in San Francisco.

Today, his company has more than 100 employees, and dispensaries in Denver and Aurora, as well as the new Nevada nursery. 

They literally wrote the book on the plant

It’s called S.T.A.T.S., which stands for sight, touch, aroma, taste and sensation.

The comprehensive guide teaches readers how to identify a healthy, clean flower and it’s available on their website for free.

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