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Green Dot Labs Expands Lineup of Signature Branded Varietals with Launch of Lemon Wreath Live Resin Cartridges

GDL-Lemon Wreath

In a self-described pursuit for the “holy grail” of cannabis, Boulder, Colorado’s Green Dot Labs has developed and launched Lemon Wreath, a new proprietary strain that is a cross between two of the company’s signature varietals, Chem Brûlée and Secret Kush Mints.

“One differentiator that makes GDL so unique is our unparalleled library of elite and proprietary genetics,” said Dave Malone, co-founder of Green Dot Labs. “These strains are the cornerstone of our genetic library–totally distinctive varietals that are bred in-house with exotic flavor profiles and vivid effects you can’t find anywhere else. Lemon Wreath represents all of the attributes that define our most outstanding genetics. It is an exceptional resin-producing cultivar with a totally unique flavor profile and powerful effects.”

According to Malone, the coronavirus pandemic slowed the pace of GDL’s new strain release schedule–typically about once every six weeks–making the Lemon Wreath launch an extra special event for the company and its customers. Exclusive artwork created for each new branded strain provides additional excitement, coveted by GDL fans who seek out the unique packaging that showcases each strain in the lineup. Developed with the most discerning cannabis consumers in mind, Lemon Wreath provides an entirely new way for aficionados to experience the lemon and gas flavor profiles that, for many, represent the apex of cannabis.

“Connoisseurs obsessed with lemon and gas terpenes will be blown away,” Malone said. “With a pronounced sweetness on the inhale and bracing notes of lemon rind and evergreen on the finish, Lemon Wreath features an intense flavor palate that overwhelm the senses.” 

Green Dot Lab’s signature Black Label extracts are bred, grown and extracted in-house, using rare and exclusive varietals from their in-house genetics library, one of the largest in the world. The company’s Black Label Live Resin Cartridges make it easy to enjoy the wellness benefits and distinctive flavors that have made Black Label Colorado’s most coveted line of concentrates. 

Unlike many vapes that contain CO2 oil or distillate with reintroduced terpenes or other potentially harmful cutting agents, Green Dot Labs Black Label Live Resin Cartridges contain pure, uncut live resin extracted from whole plants grown at the company’s Boulder, Colorado facility. All Green Dot Labs products feature the native cannabinoid and terpene ratios of the original plant. Lemon Wreath is now available at select Colorado dispensaries.