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Green Meadows Launches General’s Aide, Its First Line of Home-Processed Cannabis Products

General’s Aide cannabis products, sourced from premier cultivators across the state and extracted and processed by Green Meadows, will direct part of its sales to veteran causes and organizations.

Green Meadows

Green Meadows, a cannabis company based in the heart of Southbridge, Mass., launched General’s Aide, its first line of cannabis products manufactured in-house. The General’s Aide product line was created to provide consumers with quality products that are made responsibly and support the veteran community. A percentage of proceeds from every General’s Aide purchase is donated to a veterans-focused charity selected by Green Meadows, such as Folds of Honor, Operation Troop Support, and Disabled American Veterans.

General’s Aide products are the result of partnerships with premier, like-minded cultivators across the state, which are then expertly processed in Green Meadows’ 35,000-square-foot cannabis production facility that sits in the same restored 19th century mill building as the dispensary. Leveraging Green Meadows’ extensive experience in botany science, horticulture, and organic methods of extraction and processing, General’s Aide products are potent, terpene-rich, and often test in the higher ranges of TAC and THC. This first wave of Green Meadows’ manufactured cannabis includes Bubble Hash concentrates and infused pre-rolls. Bubble Hash products are solventless concentrates created using ice and water to extract THC crystals from cannabis.

Green Meadows is one of only a few operators in the state to produce Bubble Hash – a testament to the company’s overall commitment to natural, low-to-no chemical cultivation and extraction. General’s Aide Bubble Hash is currently on the shelves at Silver Therapeutics in Orange. The Botanist will also soon carry General’s Aide Bubble Hash in their Worcester and Shrewsbury dispensaries, with other wholesale partners to follow.

“Many Bubble Hash products are green and compact, but General’s Aide Bubble Hash is blonde and fluffy because our extraction team conducts a rigorous, multi-layered sifting process that is more robust than the industry standard ,” said Benjamin Bourque, Executive Vice President of Cannabis Production. “The finer the hash is sifted during production, the blonder and more potent the resulting product, as it results in fewer plant particles attached to the hash.”

“At Green Meadows, we believe that cannabis consumers deserve great products that are made responsibly and with integrity – and without harmful and unnecessary chemicals,” said Bob Patton, Chairman, Green Meadows. “General’s Aide was born from our uncompromising commitment to natural, sustainable methods of extraction and processing and brings us one step closer to realizing our vision to bring adult-use customers and medical patients alike our own homegrown, organic cannabis that is sustainability cultivated to organic standards right in our backyard.”

Serving the veteran community is central to Green Meadows’ mission as a company, as well as its founders, the Patton family. The acquisition of its medical license, and ultimately serving medical patients this fall, are critical steps to ensure Green Meadows can meet the needs of those who served. In addition to donating a percentage of every General’s Aide purchase to veterans’ charities and supporting research into PTSD, opioid dependency, social isolation and pain-related issues, Green Meadows is also committed to having the most aggressive veteran discounts for medical patients in the state.

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Robert H. “Bob” Patton has helped lead Green Meadows Farm, a Southbridge, Mass.-based cannabis company, through several key milestones, including licensing to open as an adult-use retailer, and its subsequent dispensary opening in March 2021, followed by licensing for cultivation and medical sales to become a vertically integrated cannabis company. He also oversaw the launch of General's Aide, Green Meadows' first line of cannabis products manufactured in-house, and is guiding the rollout of Green Meadows’ organically grown cannabis flower, which will be harvested and entering the Massachusetts market in late October. In his role, he is also working closely with the executive team and the board on Green Meadows' expansion plans, which include adding additional space on-site in Southbridge for more cannabis production, as well as multi-state expansion and opening Green Meadows cultivation and retail facilities in Connecticut and other states that are expected to legalize in the near future. Bob holds degrees in literature and journalism from Brown University and Northwestern University. He worked as a Capitol Hill reporter, a commercial fisherman and a real estate developer before publishing his family memoir, The Pattons: A Personal History of an American Family, to wide acclaim in 1994. He’s published three novels and two histories since then. In addition to heading up the Green Meadows team, he’s currently at work on Jackals & Foxes, a historical fiction series set in the world of colonial maritime war. Bob has been an advisor to the Patton Veterans Project, founded in 2012 by his brother Ben to help veterans and their families cope with post-deployment issues of PTSD and social isolation. Bob co-founded the Fairfield County Youth Football League in Connecticut in 2003 and spearheaded a $1.2 million project to build multi-use turf athletic fields for youth sports programs in Darien, Connecticut in 2008. Married for 34 years, he and his wife Vicki have four sons and six grandchildren.