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GrowFlow Launches Harvest Mobile App For Cultivators in Metrc States to Seamlessly Weigh Cannabis Plants Offline

App connects to Bluetooth scanners and scales, enabling GrowFlow customers to weigh plants individually offline, ensuring compliance in states that follow Metrc guidelines

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GrowFlow, a business management and compliance solution for cannabis wholesalers and retailers, today announced the launch of Harvest, a new mobile app, that enables GrowFlow customers to precisely weigh and measure their individual harvested plants while offline or away from a computer. Developed with cultivators in mind, Harvest integrates seamlessly with Bluetooth technology to connect with both scanners and scales. 

Precision and accuracy are of the utmost importance when it comes to cannabis inventory management practices and government-run cannabis tracking. A large number of states, including Colorado, California, Oregon, Alaska, and Michigan, use Metrc, a state-mandated software application for tracking cannabis production and products in the cannabis industry, to facilitate cannabis compliance data reporting. Everyone from cultivators and manufacturers to retailers and distributors must comply with the Metrc reporting standards. However, each state has slightly different reporting requirements based on their unique regulations, and staying compliant within Metrc can quickly consume all of a business’ time and attention. 

To be compliant in most Metrc states, cannabis plants must be weighed individually. Now, with Harvest, customers will have the ability to weigh plants individually through a connected scale while offline, syncing it with GrowFlow later on. Facilities don’t always have a reliable internet connection, so the offline mode of the app allows convenience and practicality while weighing plants. 

“To achieve traceability, Metrc compliance requirements center around two core things: how much inventory there is and where the inventory is. Submitting inaccurate inventory counts, or not submitting them at all, will quickly set yourself out of Metrc compliance,” said Travis Steffen, CEO of GrowFlow. “One of the most significant things a business can do to maintain Metrc compliance is to establish a trusted and consistent count process. With Harvest, compliance is integrated into your real workflows rather than being an additional step that keeps you from focusing on your operations. We’re arming our customers with the right tools they need to thrive in a track-and-trace industry and to maintain compliance the moment their license is issued.”

Additional Harvest App features include:

  • Easy onboarding instructions for connecting scanners and scales for first-time users to fully understand how the app operates
  • Choice of what license to work with for each specific strain/plant, depending on where the user is operating and what they’re harvesting
  • Creation of different harvests, depending on how many strains are scanned into the app, for easy organization
  • Filtering of harvests by “in progress” or “complete” 
  • Ability to check license option in settings
  • Easily track both medical and adult-use harvests in the same app 
  • Track your harvests and sync your harvest information to your GrowFlow account when you have a reliable internet connection or when it’s convenient after harvest

GrowFlow heard from their customers that they needed an easier way to track their inventory. Listening, the company built an easy to use app with an offline mode, which allows customers to harvest no matter where they are on their premises. Even without internet connectivity, this app is a tool designed to make customer operations as easy and efficient as possible. 

The Harvest App was initially launched in Michigan and is currently available now, available on iOS, to all GrowFlow customers in any METRC state. The app is included in all GrowFlow subscriptions. GrowFlow is used by over 1,200 cannabis cultivators, processors, distributors, and retailers and has processed over 3 million transactions worth more than $2 billion. Beyond Metrc, its platform integrates with state systems such as LeafData and with other cannabis platforms such as SpringBig and dutchie.