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How Mobile Video Technology is Changing the Cannabis Industry

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Few inventions in history have changed the world to the extent that video has. From movies to TV to instant video streaming and sharing on the Internet, for the most part, our lives revolve around the capabilities and limitations of what we can do with video.

Video has also changed the face of security. Video surveillance has come a long way from that camera you saw on the ceiling at the bank when you were a kid. Now, thanks to the Internet and advancing technology, video can be recorded and streamed from wherever you can get a web connection.

Like any other industry, the legal cannabis industry needs the best in security technology. Not only does this include video surveillance of their business, warehouse, etc., but also of their deliveries, whether coming into or going out of their business. Meeting that need is Safety Vision, a mobile surveillance technology company that has served law enforcement, first responders, pupil transportation, mass transportation, trucking, and towing for the past 25 years.

“One of our biggest challenges in the cannabis industry is educating the industry on what mobile rated cameras vs static cameras are in a building, and how they work,” Jamie Hawkins, Marketing Director for Safety Vision, told The Marijuana Times.

“Mobile rated cameras are meant to last in rugged environments, like a vehicle, they are tested for shock, vibration, and weather conditions,” Jamie said. “Also they are not easily ripped out of a vehicle if someone was to try to steal it, they are installed within the lining of the vehicle. We also provide proprietary software that gives you peace of mind, since it requires a secure login to view the video. Our solution provides the customer with live look-in capabilities that allows the admin to view the driver and watch when the package is delivered to the final destination. We tie into sensors in the car that give the administrator the ability to see if the car is speeding, idling too long, hard braking, or even if there is state of panic. We install a panic button that give the driver the ability to push it if he feels he needs to be recorded or needs help while in route. We can also create geo-fencing around the route or drop off area, in which the admin will be notified if the driver goes off course.”

An amazing confluence of events as these incredible advances in technology coincide with the advent of the legal marijuana industry.