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How to Choose the Perfect Bong – A 2018 Buyers Guide

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Are you looking to buy a bong to be used for enriching your marijuana smoking experience? Bongs have long been thought to be a better and healthier alternative when it comes to smoking marijuana; note that vaporizers are now touted as being healthier. However, the iconic nature of this type of smoking apparatus means that they will always be in demand. 

Whether you are looking to enjoy a smoother and cooler smoking experience, or are simply attracted by their artsy appeal, choosing the right bong does require a lot of thought. Here’s a list of important tips that will help narrow your search for the right bong and make your final purchase decision easier.  

Define Your Needs

Bongs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, builds and designs. Each variation is meant to meet the specific needs and preferences of the user. To make it easier for you to find the right bong, it’s recommended that you take the time to carefully think about what it is you want. 

Glass bongs are the probably the most popular and frequently sought after bong on the market today. They not only work incredibly well, they can also look amazing, coming in various shapes and designs. If your looking for a bong that both looks great and delivers a great flavored hit, then glass bongs are the perfect choice to suit your needs. 

Percolator bongs are a prime example of changing to meet the consumers’ needs. The smoking community has grown immensely in recent years, largely due to the constant introduction of new weed paraphernalia. Vaporizers played a large role in introducing new users to the benefits of consuming herb, and this has largely influenced the direction bongs have taken. Without any doubt, percolator bongs are the G.O.A.T when it comes to achieving the smoothest hits. Their intricate design allows the bong to both cool and filter the smoke, helping to prevent you from inhaling the nasty toxins you don’t want to enter your body. If your searching for a bong to get the smoothest hits, then percolator bongs are worth considering. 

Cheap bongs shouldn’t be pushed to the side when deciding on what bong you’re going to buy. Let’s face it, not all of us can afford to purchase the so-called premium, higher-end priced bongs. Not just that, some of us might not use the bong enough to justify paying such an amount. Cheap bongs are a great introduction into the bong paraphernalia world. If you’re not sure if using a bong is going to be for you, they’re a great way of checking it out without spending too much. That doesn’t mean, however, that cheap bongs are in any way bad. You can find a great cheap bong that will offer you both a great experience and a low price point – perfect if you’re not sure if using a bong is for you. 

Acrylic bongs are perfect for those searching for durability and portability. Acrylic bongs are significantly cheaper to produce in comparison to handblown glass bongs and tend to be more durable. Acrylic bongs are perfect for beginners or someone who likes to have a session whilst out and about without having to worry about transporting a more delicate glass or ceramic version. They act as a gateway to bigger and better bongs and are great for sharing amongst friends due to their easy clean nature. 


Bongs can be made from various materials. Glass bongs are the most common as previously mentioned. This material looks great and is relatively easy to clean. However, it is known to be fragile. Bongs made from thicker glass, or acrylic glass, tend to be more durable. Its best to choose the material after first considering your needs. 


Bongs are designed to help users enjoy a smooth and cool smoking experience; they filter out heavy smoke particles and ash, among others. At the end of it all, they get dirty and require regular cleaning to keep them clean and fresh. Before choosing a specific bong, be sure to find out more about its maintenance requirements. It’s simple – if you take of your bong, it will take care of you.


As you get started on your search for the right piece, you will discover that there is a bong for every budget out there. Match your needs to the amount you are willing to spend. For instance, spending more on a bong which is meant to be used on a regular basis as compared to one that may be used for experimentation makes more sense.   

Make an informed purchase decision by using the above tips as your guide to choosing the best bong for you.


  1. Hi,

    I’ve been considering purchasing a bong for a while, but I wouldn’t know what to go for. I smoke a few times a month, and I’m looking for a bong that would give me a cooler hit but also not too expensive as it’ll be my first. Has anyone here got any suggestions on what I should look at?

    Thanks guys.