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Important Tips for Using CBD for Dogs

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The cannabis plant has a variety of compounds that include CBD, flavonoids, terpenoids, and phytocannabinoids. Humans have specific cannabinoid receptor sites that are located in the brain and the central nervous system. Additionally, the sites are also found in the immune cells of the peripheral organs. Cannabis has wide benefits for human health, but it can also be beneficial for your dog. CBD for dogs can be used to treat pets suffering from a number of different ailments.

How CBD can help your dog

CBD oil for dogs can help treat both acute and chronic diseases. Among the chronic conditions, it can help with digestive issues, aggression, stress responses, and arthritis. Research from veterinarians shows that CBD is useful in the treatment of bone breaks, strains, and torn ligaments in dogs. It’s commonly used during post-operative care as it helps to reduce stiffness, pain, and swelling. If you are using conventional drugs on your dog for any of these ailments, then the use of CBD may make it possible to achieve therapeutic effects with lower doses of the drugs.  

Straight CBD for dogs that is derived from hemp may be what will get your dog going again. According to a survey conducted in 2016 at the Colorado State University, 72% of those surveyed reported having used a hemp-based cannabis product on their dog(s), and 64% of those surveyed also admitted that the product was helpful to their dog(s). In a 2018 report by the American Veterinarian, various types of cannabis were a priority for veterinarians as the research into pain management and symptoms relief benefits was showing positive results.

Is it safe to give your dog CBD?

Is-it-safe-to-give-your-dog-CBD-king-kanine-img-1Most vets will agree that it is not safe to give your dog CBD with high amounts of THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. There are plenty of reasons why you should not. The most common being dogs may not enjoy THC the same way humans do and it might turn out to be dangerous. CBD oil for dogs is derived from the hemp plant, which has low amounts of THC. Most have 0.03% of THC – which is often the recommended percentage for use in health applications.

For those buying CBD for dogs online, it is advisable to do your research before buying. This will help you to avoid falling prey to the hype in the market. It is also important to seek impartial views in order to see what other people are saying concerning the product. Most CBD bought online comes from industrial hemp. The extraction process involves the use of solvents like hexane and butane. When these solvents are not properly handled they may leave a toxic residue. This is one of the reasons you should do your research on the company you intend to buy your CBD products from. The research should include how they make their products and any unbiased reviews.

CBD should also be placed in a safe place away from the dog as they may probably eat more than they should if they happen to find it. This is most important for CBD dog products like CBD dog biscuits and treats. The products should be kept in a safe place, such as behind a locked door.

Treating dog conditions with CBD oil

Relieving pain and inflammation Relieving-pain-and-inflammation-king-kanine-img-2

The most popular benefit of using hemp oil for dogs is in the treatment of inflammation and pain relief. Many types of health conditions result in pain. Although inflammation is part of the healing process, it may lead to an increase in pain and discomfort for your dog. Studies have shown that CBD helps to interrupt the pain signals through suppression. This happens in the brain, which helps to alleviate both chronic and acute pain in your dog.

Reduces anxiety and stress

Reduces-anxiety-and-stress-king-kanine-img-3Dogs can develop anxiety and stress from loud noises and alarms. Conversely, dogs may also experience stress and anxiety when they are in a crowded place or riding in a car. Some of the symptoms of stress in a dog include excessive panting, reduced appetite, behavioral changes, and shaking. CBD oil for dogs might help to reduce situational stress or anxiety in a dog. According to researchers, serotonin plays a significant role in helping to reduce anxiety.

Tips for using CBD for Dogs

These guidelines for the health and safety of your dog should be followed if you decide to give CBD a try.

  1. Start low: The dosage of CBD from hemp varies in regards to the product. It is very important to follow the dosage directions, which are stated on the product label. It is recommended to use CBD for dogs according to the weight of your pet. Conversely, some pets may use more or less CBD depending on their current condition. The general rule is to always be conservative and ensure you observe your dog over the course of a few days to check for adverse effects.
  2. Use oil: CBD oil for dogs can easily be mixed in food and is the main choice for most pet owners. The oil allows for easier absorption of the cannabis into the body. In addition, it produces less intense effects which are long-lasting.
  3. Consult with a veterinarian: When it comes to cannabis for pets, many vets are getting on board. Some vets have received special training on cannabis and you may easily be informed by a vet on the safest and best way of using CBD for dogs.  
  4. Monitor your dog: The first time you give your dog cannabis it is important to keep an eye on them. Monitor your dog on a daily basis to see if there are any changes to the conditions being treated. The best way to do this is to keep a log of the day and amount of dosage you administered in case you may want to change the dosage in the future.
  5. Go organic: It is important to avoid exposing your dog to pesticides. The hemp oil for dogs you use should be safely produced. You also should ensure that it is also organically sourced.

When you decide to introduce CBD products to your dogs, there are many considerations that you have to bear in mind. They range from proper dosage to choosing the best and safest products. Keep in mind that dogs, just like humans, stand to benefit a lot from this extract, but that will depend on how it is administered.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for information and educational purposes only and is not intended to reflect the views of the publication.


  1. >In addition, it produces less intense effects which are long-lasting

    Well to be fair I wouldn’t call the effects of CBD oil “intense” at all… it’s not psychoactive. It just calms anxiety and relieves pain. It’s kind of weird to say something like that could be “intense”.