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Indulge in the Journey: My High End Transportation Experience

Image Courtesy of High End Transportation

It was 5 o’clock, rush hour was in full effect and my flight to California to cover a cannabis conference was leaving in two hours. Bags packed, I was ready to go. Now, I just needed a ride to the airport.

Earlier in the week, I arranged for the 420-friendly transportation service, High End Transportation (HET), to drive me to the airport.

I must admit, a part of me was worried that the ‘stoner’ stereotype would be in full-effect, and my ride would be so late that I either missed my flight, or would have to run through the airport like a bad movie. Let’s just say that punctuality sometimes suffers in this industry.

But before I could even finish the thought of all the terrible scenarios that could happen, I was happy to be interrupted by a text from my driver. It was a full half hour before my pickup time, and my ride was on its way.

HET has a fleet of vehicles that can fit reservations of up to 15 people. My ride that evening was a sleek black Tesla. Upon pickup, the driver greeted me, and proudly opened the back door to a wonderfully classy assortment of stash trays, smoking papers, lighters, and an ashtray.

It was a cannabis consumers’ paradise, it even had a golden box of snacks.

For frequent riders, there’s a portable lock box with personal security pin to keep your leftovers for the next time. It’s especially great for frequent flyers, as you know your stash will be waiting for you curbside at arrivals.

Marie Peel is the co-owner and ‘chief green officer’ at High End Transportation. A veteran-owned company, they pride themselves on their attention to comfort and compliance.

Image Courtesy of High End Transportation

Their positive relationship with local officials paired with their responsible drivers make them the go-to ride for everyone from tourists to celebrities. Damien and Julien Marley of Juju Royal canna brand, Slightly Stoopid, and Tommy Chong – to drop a few names – have all graced HET’s seats.

One of my first questions for my driver was ‘do you get high’?

She explained to me that she doesn’t consume cannabis, and is a part of HET’s initiative to find out how smoking in an enclosed space affects those who are exposed to the second-hand smoke. Three months into the experiment, none of their drivers have tested positive for THC.

The black car service isn’t your average Uber.

“We cater to the party’s needs and our promise to find the most friendly, informative and approachable drivers, helps get the passengers to relax, and overcome any irrational fears,” says Peel.

The company is covered under Amendment 64, and has their Public Utilities license (PEC) – each driver also has their limo license.

“Our prices are competitive but not the most expensive, we were able to buy many of our vehicles and we aren’t in this to nickel and dime people, it’s to grow and inspire,” says Peel.

The limo service also offers free rides to veterans. “It’s more than just a ride from point A to point B, we are providing a safe space for vets who choose to medicate with cannabis,” says Peel.