Home Business InSpire Launches Cloud-Based Grow Room Controls and Automation for Commercial Cannabis Cultivators

InSpire Launches Cloud-Based Grow Room Controls and Automation for Commercial Cannabis Cultivators

Scalable, secure enterprise solutions offer full control and integration with HVACD systems to help cultivators improve yield, save time, and reduce costs

Inspire Transpiration Solutions

InSpire Transpiration Solutions, a leading HVACD products and services provider focused on controlled environmental systems for indoor horticulture, today introduced its new Integrated Room Automation systems to bring cannabis cultivators unprecedented levels of environmental monitoring and control. InSpire’s integrated cloud-based controls for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and dehumidification (HVACD) systems allow growers to leverage advanced crop steering techniques with real-time dashboards and control from any device, anywhere in the world. 

Integrated Room Automation helps cultivators maximize plant biomass and phenotypic expression, strengthen top-line performance and mitigate risk. Combined with InSpire’s plant-centric HVACD systems, cultivators can achieve 24-hour vapor pressure deficit (VPD) control and greater resistance to pathogen introduction and expression. 

“Historical wisdom and technology provides a very solid foundation on which to build, but we can’t ignore that the commercial cannabis industry is rapidly evolving,” said Adrian Giovenco, CEO of InSpire Transpiration Solutions. “It is becoming increasingly important for legal cannabis cultivation operations to leverage cutting-edge strategies in order to maximize profitability. When growers can monitor, control and analyze a full range of environmental data, they can drive yields and innovate in ways that will move the entire industry in exciting new directions.”

InSpire’s Integrated Room Automation provides cannabis cultivators with the ability to:

  • Leverage environmental crop steering techniques with real-time control
  • Optimize plant performance with transpiration and carbon assimilation insights
  • Monitor moisture content of harvested flower during the dry/cure process for consistent product weight and quality
  • Schedule temperature and relative humidity setpoints, plus automate light schedules and carbon dioxide enrichment by room to optimize phenotypic expression run after run 
  • Access a fully functional IOT platform with customizable alerts and bank-level security from anywhere in the world

Giovenco continued, “Integration like this is essential for success. Using independent units to heat, cool, dehumidify and clean the air leads to high operating costs, prevents plants from reaching maximum metabolic rates, and puts the entire operation at risk of pathogen contamination. Cannabis operations can successfully meet their KPIs by implementing repeatable, precise environmental control for greater consistency in product quality, optimized phenotype and chemotype expression.” To learn more about InSpire’s Integrated Room Automation, visit: https://inspire.ag/hvac-products/controls-monitors/.