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Introducing The World’s First 100% Automated Grow Box


At one point or another, most cannabis users have sat around with their friends and discussed what they imagined the future would be like, especially what a world of legal cannabis would look like. Now that legal cannabis is a reality in so many states, that future is beginning to be realized.

Full disclosure: no matter how legal cannabis becomes, I’ll never be able to grow it. I can do some things well, but keeping plant life alive is not one of them. But that future I mentioned has come to help me as technology and engineering have combined to create the first-ever 100% automated grow box, made by the folks at Cloudponics.

The GroBox by Cloudponics is a fully automated growing system that allows you to control things like light, humidity, temperature, nutrient control and watering, ph levels and more – all from an app on your phone.

With the app, you can set schedules inside the unit, set reminders, adjust levels and even water your plants for up to three weeks, from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection. Your GroBox is secure and odor-protected, and in just 3 months you can have up to 8 ounces of high-quality medicine.

“Our technology automates the [cannabis growing] process from seed to harvest,” Nicolas Ruiz, one of the founders of Cloudponics, told The Marijuana Times.

“I’ve been growing myself for about ten years now,” Nicolas continued. At the start he went right into growing hydroponics, which he soon realized was not an easy feat. “In the process of learning, I would kill so many plants that it got me frustrated; I would go away for the weekends to the beach and I would come back and my plants would be dead because the Ph was out of balance.” Frustration, combined with his background as an engineer, led Nicolas to the eventual development of the GroBox.

The first orders of the GroBox have already been shipped and growers are already seeing results. Whether you are an expert grower without the time or a beginner who needs help producing quality plants, the GroBox can help you and save you money in the long run by lessening your trips to the local dispensary.

The Cloudponics app also gives you the ability to search crowdsourced database of plant grow recipes, which allows you to give your specific plant the ideal conditions to thrive, a database you can contribute to with your own results.

When you think about the future, you think about things being easier and of better quality. When it comes to cannabis, that means easier growing and higher quality plants.

If someone like me is ever going to be a successful grower, technology like the GroBox will be essential. Growing high quality cannabis indoors has always taken a lot of time, effort and care – and it still does. In this case, however, you can use the GroBox from Cloudponics to do most of that work for you, freeing up your time while not sacrificing quality.

Growing your own safe, legal medicine in legal states has never been easier.

Learn more at Cloudponics.com.