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Juva Life Launches the Revised JuLi Registry, Which Showcases Cannabis and CBD Brands to Help Patients Track Effects of Cannabis


Juva Life Inc. (CSE: JUVA) (OTCQB: JUVAF) (FRANKFURT: 4VV) is a cannabis science research company employing state-of-the-art pharmaceutical research and development to discover, develop and commercialize safe and effective cannabis products. Through multi-disciplinary research and leveraging experts across various fields standardization of cultivation, extraction, and formulation to offer consumers reproducible medical benefits, they are shaping the way medical cannabis is seen to affect the human body. They just launched their newly revised WCG IRB-approved cannabis patient registry, renamed to the JuLi Registry.

The Global JuLi Registry Will Help Researchers Better Understand Clinical Effects of Cannabis

The JuLi Registry is a WCG IRB -approved multi-year study conducted through Juva Life’s cannabis research division. The Registry, listed on clinicaltrials.gov, is aimed at amassing one of the world’s largest data sets of real-world clinical evidence on the potential health benefits of cannabis. It enjoys participation from best-in-class cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) brands, and includes products from CannaCraft, dosist, LEVEL, San Benito Hemp Company, Sunderstorm, and WYLD. 

Once completed, Juva will have one of the largest data sets of its kind and will be able to leverage the findings in both its nutraceutical wellness, drug development and clinical programs. This real-world observational data, overseen by physicians and other clinicians, will be presented to various regulatory bodies to show the potential therapeutic benefits of cannabis and hemp-derived compounds.

Partnership with World-Class Cannabis & CBD Brands to Help Track Effectiveness of Cannabis Products

Juva Life CEO and Founder Doug Chloupek shared, “Thanks to the participation of our world-class brands, cannabis patients nationwide can track the effectiveness of a broad selection of curated products which may help individual participants and researchers better understand clinical benefits from specific products and dosing schedules.” 

The goal of the Registry is to collect data on cannabis formulations, chemical composition, dosing and utilization, and the effectiveness of cannabis products in addressing designated medical concerns. The study is open to patients over 21 years of age who have the following conditions or symptoms: chronic pain, anxiety, neuropathy, appetite issues, nausea, sleep issues, and menopausal symptoms. Info on products selected, dosing schedules, impact on symptoms and side effects will be collected. Additionally, the Registry will examine patients’ use of cannabis in conjunction with other prescription medication, including any discontinuation or reduction of the use of opioids after initiation of cannabis-based medications. 

Chloupek continued, “The Juli Registry will amass one of the largest repositories of real-world data of its kind, tracking the medicinal effects of cannabis use, which few companies globally are seeking to create. The data we collect is kept confidential, and this study is crucial in understanding the medicinal benefits of cannabis-based products through real-world data gathering.”

“The cannabis plant has such remarkable therapeutic promise. Yet research has been stymied for decades by federal restrictions,” says Tiffany Devitt, Chief of Regulatory Affairs for CannaCraft. “We’re thrilled that Juva is taking the initiative to creatively work around restrictions and essentially crowd-sourcing data from the millions of people using this long-standing herbal remedy.”

“Since inception, dosist has been a pioneer in the study of cannabinoids and their positive clinical effect for consumers,” stated Jason DeLand, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of dosist.  “Precise dosage, exact formulations and maximum bioavailability are paramount to creating a consistent, repeatable experience that engenders consumer trust, and we applaud Juva’s efforts to further confirm and elevate the targeted usage and wellness benefits of this amazing plant.”

“Cannabinoids have a myriad of therapeutic properties, and we’re just starting to define their positive impact on human health,” said LEVEL Founder and CEO Chris Emerson, PhD. “At LEVEL, we’re dedicated to conducting research, pushing the scientific boundaries, and driving consumer education about cannabinoids, which facilitates our unique approach to developing innovative cannabis products. Leveraging real-world clinical evidence on the potential health benefits of cannabis will shape the future of the industry, and LEVEL is excited to participate in this important work.”

“We find it our duty to help showcase what this amazing plant is really capable of,” says Matthew Mielczarek, CEO and Co-Founder of San Benito Hemp Company. “The cannabis plant has so many uses, we have only begun to scratch the surface of its medicinal qualities. We are extremely excited to be working with Juva on this groundbreaking study that will not only enlighten all of our understandings of the cannabis plant but help guide us for future growth.”

“At Sunderstorm, wellness has been the foundation of everything we do, leading to the development of our Tranquility gummy which was scientifically designed to assist in sleep-related issues,” said Cameron Clark, CEO and Co-Founder of Sunderstorm. “We are proud to support Juva’s efforts to further validate the health benefits and efficacy of our Tranquility product and cannabis products within the industry at large.”

Learn more and sign up for the JuLi Registry here: https://juvaresearch.com/the-juli-registry/