Home Business Leaf411 Launches Scheduled Guidance Call Services to Better Accommodate Cannabis Education Efforts

Leaf411 Launches Scheduled Guidance Call Services to Better Accommodate Cannabis Education Efforts

Upgraded fee-based, HIPAA-compliant telehealth service augments hotline, adding convenience for patients and new incentives for corporate partnerships


The nonprofit organization Leaf411™, the first cannabis nurse guidance call service, recently revised how consumers can connect with its expert cannabis-trained nurses, enabling pre-scheduled guidance calls for patients while creating new opportunities for corporate partners to serve cannabis patients.

The traditional “hotline” format where consumers call and are placed in a queue to await answers to a quick question has been augmented with a new, scheduling-based service. Consumers simply call the hotline (844-LEAF411 or 844-532-3411) or visit the Leaf411 website to schedule an appointment or speak with a nurse. Under the new system, any consumer across the United States can now schedule a 30-minute guidance call and 15-minute follow-up sessions directly with a Leaf411 nurse at a time that is convenient for them.  This service eliminates frustrating wait times while providing consumers with the convenience and personalization of scheduled in-depth guidance and follow-up calls. The upgraded service comes with a low-cost $25 fee for each guidance call and follow-up session. 

“As more regulated markets emerge and more patients and wellness consumers consider cannabis to treat their symptoms, Leaf411 needs to evolve so we can continue to meet the growing demand,” said Katherine Golden, a registered nurse and CEO of Leaf411. “This new fee-based service allows us to better serve consumers across the country as well as ensure we are compensating our team of cannabis-trained nurses appropriately.”

The new scheduling system is HIPAA compliant and allows consumers to choose the day and time for their phone or online chat appointment, while also enabling the ability to select a preferred nurse from the Leaf411 team. The service provides for two-way communication so callers can send and receive documents and messages to their nurse through the client portal, as well as receive reminders about upcoming appointments. Consumers needing payment assistance can receive a unique code from one of Leaf411’s vetted support members to offset the costs of the guidance calls. The unique codes are entered upon request for payment after the caller selects their appointment time, which eliminates the $25 fee per session. 

“When we implemented the new system, we wanted to ensure that we could continue to serve every consumer who seeks our help, regardless of their ability to pay,” Golden said. “So with the launch of the new scheduling system, we created special codes that are provided to each of our partners and business supporters that they can provide to their patients and customers needing assistance. This is a real value for cannabis consumers and helps dispensaries and manufacturers generate trust among their patients and customers.”

The ability to provide a credible source for cannabis medical information and customized advice adds a level of service to cannabis businesses that patients have come to expect from medical providers, according to Golden. With the launch of Leaf411’s unique cost-offsetting codes, dispensaries and other businesses now have an extra incentive to partner with Leaf411 to ensure that evidence-based cannabis medical information is widely and confidentially available to all consumers. For more information on how to become a member or corporate sponsor with Leaf411, click here